BattleHand Apk v1.16.1 Mod

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BattleHand BattleHand Apk v1.16.1 Mod you will build up a team of heroes in the game. It is with your team will battle against malicious demon queen and Amethyst. They want to use people to bring evil to your location. You will interfere in this situation and will try to protect people. You must win the battle fought in it. If you want to play this exciting game, you can start playing immediately following links to download our game. Have fun.

BattleHand 1 BattleHand 2 BattleHand 3 BattleHand 4 BattleHand 5Video:

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1. Extreme Player HP
2. Free Premium (with Doubleloot)
3. Instant Card Level Up
4. Unlimited Raid-Keys
5. Cheat Detection Bypassed
6. MOD on/off config file [NEW]

NOTE: RaidKeys are not BattleKeys!

MOD info:

0. Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage permissions in the app settings first (or game crashs).
1. The cheats are by default always all active.
2. On first start the game will create in your /sdcard/ location a “PLATINMODS” folder with the platinmods_GAMENAME.txt inside.
3. Open that file with any editor and change the values to what you like.
4. Save the file to apply the changes.


BattleHand v1.16.1 APK Mod – FILES FM

BattleHand v1.16.1 APK Mod – DRIVE LINK

BattleHand v1.16.1 APK Mod- YANDEX LINK

BattleHand v1.16.1 APK Mod – ZİPPYSHARE


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