City Battles, Battle Pass, and Hats – New to Dota Underlords Season 1

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Shortly before the release of Dota Underlords from early access, Valve talked about some of the news of the debut season, but she saved the most delicious information before the release day.

So, players can already try out the new City Raid mode, where they will have to play different street lords in fast street battles and undergo in-game tests. Various awards rely on success, including new costumes and portraits for wanted posters.

The first season was not complete without a combat pass with more than 100 awards, including new fields, items to decorate them, wanted posters and more. Many of the pass items can be obtained for free, but full access will cost $ 4.99.

The alliances of bullies and inventors also left the game, but new ones appeared in return: summoners, vigilant ones and emptiness. Although the main innovation, no doubt, has become everyone's favorite hats – these are objects of a new type that add the owner to another alliance.

In addition, the developers made a lot of smaller changes, which you can learn about here.

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