Valve about what will appear in the release version of Dota Underlords

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Dota Underlords leaves early access on February 25th. Ahead of Release Valve spoke about new products and awards for those who played the preliminary version of the game.

The release version will arrange a soft reset of ranks. Those who participated in the beta season will retain their common title (for example, a looter, businessman or boss), but will lower their level to the first. The change will affect three modes: “Normal”, “Doubles” and “Bouncers”. The exception is the Lords of the White Spire, who will be thrown to the Big bosses of level III.

If in the beta season you have reached the fifth level of a combat pass, you are entitled to several unique rewards:

  • playing fields “Streets of the White Spire” and “Road to the Windy” from the beta season,
  • the golden figure of the raven thief Ricky,
  • Beta Fighter title for wanted poster.

In the first release season, they will add a new standard field and five more unlockable ones. For the purchase of a military pass will be given a stone figure of Ricky.

All these things will come in handy for new elements of customization: together with the first season they will allow you to put decorations on the playing field, as well as change your gangster poster, which appears at the beginning of the match.

Final version launch Dota Underlords will be accompanied by a ceremonial broadcast on Twitch and SteamTV. Famous streamers will be invited there, and some viewers will be able to get into the broadcast matches and fight with the hosts.

Release date Dota Underlords should take place simultaneously on PC via Steam, Android and iOS, however Valve warns that the mobile version may be slightly delayed for reasons beyond the control of the company.

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