Gamer created a cyberpunk city in Minecraft. It turned out to be awesome

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Lighting is one of the most important components of graphics, capable of bringing even a simple picture to a very high level. The work of a Minecraft fan named Deltagon shows it in practice: he decorated his own scene with lighting effects in Blender, a computer graphics program. The result is impressive.


Futuristic densely built high-rises, quirky architecture, flying machines – Deltagon’s work is inevitably associated with the cyberpunk. The scene from this setting-up was the author’s attempt to depict. A Minecraft fan built the area of the future city with his own hands, and the work took him about 60 hours – including image processing in Blender and further rendering the project. The scene he created looks like a frame from a quality CGI movie. And all thanks to hand-spaced sources of soft light.

The work of the enthusiast not only pleases the eye, but also makes you think about the potential of the updated version of Minecraft with support for ray tracing, which is now fully fed the authors of the designer. Many people know that amazing things are being created in the constructor. You’d like to see some Minas-Tirit from Lord of the Rings or Hogwarts from Harry Potter here and now. And even more – on virtual Krasnodar.


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