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When it comes to choosing budget smartphones, it is customary to put up with a lot of compromises. However, some manufacturers manage not only to save users money, but also to provide maximum functions. We are figuring out if this succeeded for the domestic brand BQ, which recently launched the new 5732l Aurora SE.

BQ 5732l

Options and appearance

Acquaintance with Aurora is that rare case when it becomes interesting at the first glance at the box. The packaging is literally flashy: due to the fact that a bold exclamation mark is drawn on it, it immediately attracts attention. Inside lies the gadget itself, a USB Type-C wire and a ten-watt power supply. It’s nice that branded BQ accessories are inexpensive. If the user needs a case and protective glass, they will cost only 700 rubles.

Even before switching on, the first plus of the model becomes noticeable – design. The device is compact, concise and stands out from the others in the class of “up to 10,000 rubles”. The massive cutout at the top of the screen looks peculiar, but gives the smartphone a unique look. The device lies comfortably in the palm of your hand and does not try to slip out, despite the gloss of the side faces and the back cover. The latter is made of glass, but not easily soiled.

BQ 5732l

In general, the gadget feels light, although its weight is 162 grams. Fun moment – speaker grill on the bottom. At first it seems that this is a good old groove for the lace on the wrist, the slots are so large. The volume and power keys are located on the right side and barely protrude above the surface of the case. It’s almost impossible to accidentally press them, and to find them is easy.

First inclusion

BQ 5732l
The only changes made by developers in Android 9 are proprietary icons. It is noteworthy that only 68% of the free space in the internal memory of a purchased phone is

It’s nice that the start of operation is not overshadowed by a bunch of all sorts of notifications. BQ should be separately praised for this: the company did not follow the trend, although even market leaders did not disdain such a mockery of the user. You can immediately start working on the BQ 5732l without wasting time trying to silence the various “helpers” and “advisers” and not clog the curtain with fluffs. To use a smartphone, you do not need to start a company account either: all functions related to backup, updating applications and storing credentials are standard from Google.


BQ 5732l
Various AnTuTu tests (from left to right – 3D and overall performance, HTML5 and the assessment of the artificial intelligence unit) give Aurora far from the lowest results. Here the merit of both a good Helio P60 chip and optimized firmware

From an ultra-budget smartphone you usually expect some kind of glitches and leisurely when performing ordinary tasks. This stereotype is due to the traditional inattention of the creators of gadgets to software optimization. In reality, the performance of even the youngest chips is enough for most functions, however, the software must be tailored to a specific hardware configuration. This is exactly what was done in Aurora. The firmware is well optimized for hardware: there are no freezes, the animation is clear and fast. For the entire time of testing, problems with the operation of applications arose only once with the AITuTu artificial intelligence benchmark, but it is in beta, so there are no complaints.

BQ 5732l
3DMark and Geekbench

There are pre-installed programs, among them there are useful ones. The presence of a proprietary application of electronic guarantee and mail is not surprising, but games from Gameloft are just a bomb. All veterans of mobile gaming will be delighted! There is a city-planning simulator, racing, football and a children’s puzzle. In general, a kit for every taste and color. Such greetings from the past deserve a separate like.

BQ 5732l


The gadget is based on a balanced hardware platform. The MediaTek Helio P60 chipset provides decent performance, and 3 GB of RAM turned out to be sufficient for the programs to work properly, although the device was used to its fullest (games, YouTube, surfing the net, instant messengers).

BQ 5732l
PCMark Mobile

The smartphone does not sin and slowness when working with built-in memory. Usually a low-speed flash drive is the main scourge of low-cost gadgets, but the BQ 5732l is fine with that. Applications are downloaded, installed and launched quickly, which also indicates the presence of a good modem and Wi-Fi module without truncated frequencies or functions (there are 5 GHz). In general, the hardware capabilities of the model guarantee the future owner absolutely hassle-free use in any everyday scenario.

If you characterize the power of the filling of BQ 5732l in one sentence, you get the following: “Hello, this is Aurora, it costs 7,500 rubles and you can safely play WoT: Blitz or PUBG Mobile on average graphics settings and get 60 fps with virtually no drawdowns.”


Display and little things without which life is not so sweet

Separately, it is worth noting the screen. Finally, budget smartphones do not make people cry with bloody tears when reading or watching a video. The display is clear, with uniform fill and eye color rendering. While scrolling through web pages and documents, it does not blur the picture and does not flicker, and the brightness adjustment works smoothly. The only thing he lacks is a stock of maximum brightness.

BQ 5732l

There is a 3.5 mm audio jack and a USB Type-C port. The decision is reasonable: using a convenient connector of a new type is good, depriving owners of the ability to connect any wired headphones is bad. Especially considering that for buyers of inexpensive gadgets it is important not to spend extra money on accessories, and a Bluetooth headset of acceptable quality is always more expensive than usual.

BQ 5732l also boasts a classic chip for budget devices – FM-radio. It works only on condition that there is at least some wire in the audio jack, but everything is fine with sensitivity: it catches almost all radio stations even in a reinforced concrete building far from the windows. Finally, one cannot fail to mention the fingerprint scanner: it is located very conveniently and works quickly, and pollution does not bother him. All that is missing is the ability to use gestures with him to open the notification curtain.

BQ 5732l


The MediaTek Helio P60 chipset has excellent thrift in terms of power consumption. Thanks to this, the battery lasts for the eyes for the whole working day. Or rather, for 5-7 hours of active screen in everyday mode: web surfing, watching online video and chatting in instant messengers. You have to charge the smartphone no more than once a day, and at the time of connection to the outlet, another 15-20% of the charge stably remains.

With this in mind, two conclusions can be drawn. Firstly, the battery will live confidently for more than a year. This is very important for inexpensive smartphones, because often after 10-12 months (exactly at the end of the warranty) they often do not withstand even half of the initial battery life. And secondly, at first glance, the modest battery capacity of 3000 mAh is enough. The charge begins to melt before our eyes only when it comes to demanding games and applications. In mobile “Tanks” it will turn out to play no more than 3.5-4 hours, depending on the graphics settings. The indicator is not the best, but worthy. Software optimization also has a beneficial effect on the battery life of the device.

BQ 5732l


The quality of shooting can be estimated from the photo and video below. In the afternoon, everything is not bad, such pictures are suitable for publication on social networks, but with a lack of lighting, the camera passes. When shooting in the evening in the city or indoors, a lot of noise appears in the photos. Software stabilization tries to prevent blurry images, but does not always cope. However, the result is decent.


The camera application allows you to apply various decorations to people’s faces, for example, to increase your eyes, as if in an anime, and eliminate skin defects in real time. And it works not only when taking photos, but also during video recording.


It does not matter what the BQ 5732l is: just a successful smartphone for little money or the first of many budget devices that in no way limit the owner. Previously, when buying a gadget at a similar price, the buyer was aware of his strong lag behind more expensive models. Now, budget smartphones practically do not bother the user, except for some options (NFC, wireless charging and a few more cameras).

All the main functions of Aurora are implemented so high-quality that some famous manufacturers should learn. Yes, the camera is not the most advanced, but a couple of years ago, many flagships shot the same way. And, to be honest, there’s nothing to complain about except for photos and videos.

BQ 5732l


5.86 “, IPS, 1520×720
CPU MediaTek Helio P60 (4 cores ARM Cortex-A73 and A53, 2 GHz)
GPU ARM Mali-G72 MP3 (800 MHz)
3 GB
32 GB
main dual (13 + 5 megapixels), front – 8 megapixels
3000 mAh
4G Cat. 4 FDD B1 / 3/5/7/8/20 + TDD B38 / 40, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.2
microSD slot up to 256 GB (combined), USB Type-C, 3.5 mm jack, FM radio, fingerprint scanner

Test results

3D and common benchmark – 164 254
ANTUTU HTML5 – 26,082
ANTUTU – 38 119
1178 (OpenGl)
1149 (Vulcan)
Ice Storm Extreme – Maximum
274 single-core
1438 multi-core
1078 compute
Work 2.0 – 8045
Computer Vision – 5464
Storage – 7313

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