BQ Magic 6040L review: everything is like competitors, only cheaper

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BQ continues to update the range of available devices. New in the spring of 2019 – Magic 6040L. The smartphone is equipped with a capacious battery, dual camera and NFC. At the same time, a budget gadget is cheaper than many competitors. Is there a catch? Let’s try to figure it out.

BQ Magic 6040L

Almost borderless

BQ Magic is a full-screen smartphone with thin frames around the perimeter. The front camera was placed in a neat teardrop-shaped cut-out that does not calluse the eyes, and the earpiece was slyly hidden almost at the top end of the device.

Design does not give out a budget model in a smartphone. However, the glossy plastic of which the back panel is made is quickly covered by fingerprints and micro-scratches. It is better to put on a cover right away. Of the nice little things worth noting is the power key. She received small notches that help her finger quickly find the button to unlock the smartphone and not confuse it with the volume key.

The 6.09-inch display matrix is made using IPS technology. It is bright, juicy, almost does not fade in the sun, the information on it is visible from any angle. The resolution of 1560×720 pixels is enough for reading or watching videos, the pixels almost do not catch the eye.

BQ Magic 6040L

The screen is protected from scratches by tempered glass Panda Glass. There is a high-quality oleophobic coating: the finger slides along the display, leaving almost no residue. And those that remain are easily cleaned with a cloth.

It works for a long time, can pay

Battery capacity – 4000 mAh. For a smartphone with undemanding hardware and low screen resolution, this is a considerable amount. The batteries are enough for two days of active work using social networks, navigation and watching videos. When playing a video in airplane mode, the device lasted 12 hours at an average display brightness. An hour playing PUBG takes about 20%.

Developers did not save on NFC. This turned out to be a significant competitive advantage of the new product, since most other smartphones in the budget segment do not have contactless payment functions. And in Magic it is and works great. You can not take a wallet with you and pay with a gadget instead of a bank card.

BQ Magic 6040L

Recognizes the owner in person

BQ Magic has a Face Unlock feature. Unlocking occurs using the front camera. In good lighting, there are no problems with recognition accuracy: after pressing the power key, the smartphone displays the desktop in a split second.

However, in the dark, the device ceases to recognize the owner. In this case, you should use a fingerprint scanner located on the back cover of the device. It works great and responds quickly.

Enough memory

The novelty received the Spreadtrum UNISOC SC9863A processor. This is a fresh chipset for mid-range devices. It contains eight ARM Cortex-A55 cores operating at a frequency of up to 1.6 GHz. A feature of the system is dedicated blocks created to accelerate the work of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. For example, thanks to them, the owner is identified by face and the frame is automatically adjusted when photographing. The device is equipped with 32 GB of memory (expandable with microSD cards) and 2 GB of RAM.

BQ Magic 6040L

In general, the smartphone is quite productive. Slowdowns occasionally occur in some applications or during the installation of software from the Play Market. Heavy games like PUBG or WoT: Blitz run on minimal graphics settings.

BQ Magic 6040L is running Android 9.0 Pie. The system is almost no different from a clean “Green Robot”, with the exception of a slightly modified settings menu and several icons. Also, about ten third-party applications are preinstalled in the gadget’s firmware. If desired, they can be easily removed.

Smart dual camera

The gadget is equipped with a camera with a dual module (13 + 2 MP) and artificial intelligence functions. The device understands what is in the frame – a landscape or a person, and automatically sets the shooting parameters to obtain the highest quality image. The 2MP auxiliary module is responsible for the background blur effect in the frame. The front camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels.

The camera is demanding on lighting. In bright daylight, frames come out that are not ashamed to post on social networks. The quality of images is usual for devices of the budget segment. However, it becomes more difficult to take a good photo in the dark: the detail drops, digital noise comes out, the picture often turns out blurry.

The picture was taken in bright daylight. The subject in the photo lacks contrast
The included HDR helped to take a contrast photo with elaborate shadows, but the automation made the frame too dark
Bright and beautiful frame of a greenhouse in a botanical garden
Correct color reproduction and exposure
A photo taken with HDR is a pleasant result
Night frame. A lot of noise, fuzzy details
In the dark, the camera focuses poorly, it is difficult to take a clear picture
Budget smartphones have learned to shoot good portrait shots with bokeh effect. BQ Magic is also trying

The device shoots video in Full HD resolution at a frequency of 30 frames per second. Detailing is low, there are questions about the autofocus.


6.09“, IPS, 1560×720, 282 ppi
CPU Spreadtrum UNISOC SC9863A 1.6 GHz
2 GB
32 GB
4000 mAh
main – 13 + 2 megapixels, front – 5 megapixels
face unlock, NFC

Test results

73 944
828 single-core
3421 multi-core
up to 12 hours of video playback
up to 5 hours of playing PUBG


BQ Magic 6040L – a successful budget model. It has a large bezel-less bezel-less screen, a capacious battery, NFC, a nice design and a sufficient amount of internal memory. Please note that the smartphone is not designed for heavy games, and the camera is installed in it simple. But still, the novelty costs 15-20% cheaper than models with similar characteristics. Therefore, for users who are not chasing a famous name, a smartphone from BQ may be a good choice.

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