HONOR 20 LITE review: nimble, comfortable, light

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The recipe for a successful mid-budget smartphone is simple: a pretty body with thin frames around the display, a fairly powerful processor, several cameras with different focal lengths, NFC and decent autonomy. Does the HONOR 20 LITE meet this set of requirements? Find out in the review.


Triple Camera, Advanced Selfies

The main camera is represented by three modules. The first received a resolution of 48 megapixels and an aperture of f / 1.8. The second is responsible for creating wide-angle photos, its resolution is 8 megapixels, and the aperture is f / 2.4. Finally, the last 2-megapixel lens is needed to accurately determine the depth of field.

In good lighting, the camera takes detailed pictures, there are no questions about clarity and color reproduction. With careful study, oversharp is sometimes noticeable, but if you do not crop photos, it is almost invisible. In the dark, the “Night” mode helps out when frames with different exposures are glued together: you can get a high-quality picture without using a tripod and manual settings.


The camera was equipped with a scene recognition algorithm that selects settings depending on the objects in the frame. The function is disabled, and this is good: often it too enhances the color saturation, which is why the photos look cartoonish. However, fans who share pictures on social networks will probably even like this.

Unfortunately, the shooting quality on the wide-angle module is noticeably lame: there is not enough photosensitivity, sharpness is lower, the dynamic range is small. It is advisable to use this camera only in good lighting conditions.

Automation recognized the scene as shooting food and increased the saturation of colors. Proper focus on the surface of the cappuccino
A good example of autofocus. It was possible to capture the moving cat without difficulty, there are no greases, and the coat and mustache came out clearly
In the afternoon, you can get frames with good sharpness and decent dynamic range on the main camera. The colors are rich, the AI mode has been tried here.
Shot in the afternoon on the main camera HONOR 20 Lite
The same angle, use a wide-angle lens. The whole building is placed in a frame with a large margin
The smartphone does not have optical zoom, but two-fold hybrid copes with dignity
The quality of shooting on a wide-angle module is low even during the day. The shadows are poorly designed, the frame is too dark
Another wide shot. A sharp decrease in sharpness at the edges and a drop in detail in dark areas are clearly visible.
The photo on the main camera looks good, the details of the building are in order. Wide roadway prevents getting closer
To look at the architecture closely, just switch to a double zoom. The quality remains good.
The wide-angle camera allowed to capture more objects at the same angle, but the frame came out darker than necessary. Detailing also suffered
Macro example. AI mode is on, colors have become noticeably more saturated. But there is too much contrast and shadows
Another macro example. The smartphone coped with the movement: the pen writing at the time of shooting is not smeared
In portrait mode, the boundaries of objects are determined correctly
Shot at night in automatic mode. The quality is typical for smartphones in this price segment.
Switch to night mode: clouds appeared in the frame, small details worked out better
So the automatics coped with photography. From the flaws: overexposure in certain areas, and the top of the building is almost lost in the dark
Night mode significantly improves the quality of the photo. The roof and the crown of the tree are clearly visible nearby, and the light from the lamps significantly decreased

The front camera pleases with an abundance of settings. You can not only use decorations such as smoothing the skin, but also change the effects of the background, and for shooting in the dark there is the same night mode as on the main camera. Even with a noticeable lack of light, you can get a photo with high detail.

The blur on the front camera is software, so there are flaws in the definition of boundaries. But the sharpness of hair and clothes is commendable
It’s hard to believe, but this light shot was taken indoors with low light. This is how the night mode works: simulating a slow shutter speed made it possible to make a high-quality selfie without any flashes and backlight

HONOR 20 LITE records video at a maximum resolution of 1080p, which is a bit strange: still, recording in 4K is now even in low-cost devices.

Customize the screen to your taste

HONOR 20 LITE equipped with a 6.15-inch display. By the standards of 2020, it can even be called compact: for many gadgets, screens have already reached 6.5 inches or have come close to the psychological mark of 7 inches. The display resolution is 2312×1080 pixels. At the same time, you can either set the value manually, or configure its automatic change for better energy saving.


For a week of testing, the screen of the device left a good impression on itself. The IPS-matrix has excellent viewing angles and a large margin of brightness, and color reproduction is easily adjusted to the taste of the owner. You can choose saturated or calm shades, change the white balance. The front-end cutout, which many do not like, is easy to mask: the areas along the edges of it are painted in dark color. Another nice feature is the eye protection function, which filters out UV radiation. It can be configured to be scheduled.

What about autonomy?

The 3340 mAh battery lasts for a full day if you don’t strain the smartphone too much with games. Online battles in World of Tanks at an average screen brightness using Wi-Fi took 21% of the charge per hour, and that’s a bit much. But when you browse the web and correspond in messengers, the battery charge melts moderately. A decent result was shown by the test of continuous viewing of video: at a display brightness of 50%, the smartphone played the movie in Full HD for almost 16 hours.


HONOR 20 LITE received support for fast charging at 18 watts. This is enough to replenish battery reserves by 39% in half an hour. It’s easy to recharge the device during lunch.

The familiar chip will not spoil the furrow

The eight-core Kirin 710 has already been studied along and across, because it is installed in a number of HONOR and HUAWEI models. The power of the chipset is enough so that there are no complaints about the operation of the interface and applications. Paired with it is 4 GB of RAM, and the built-in storage capacity is 128 GB. It can be easily expanded with a microSD card.


The speed of launching and switching applications is not as high as that of the flagship devices, but still the smartphone gives the impression of a smart one. In the same “Tanks” you can comfortably play at high graphics settings, and fps will be held at around 55-60. In this case, the heating of the case remains moderate, throttling is not noticed.

Nice features

The fingerprint scanner, located on the back cover of the smartphone, pleased with its error-free operation: fingers are almost always recognized, even with careless touch. This sensor is also convenient to use for additional actions. For example, control the shooting of photos and videos by touching the scanner, answer calls or pull out the curtain of the notification panel. There is also an unlock function on the face, and it confidently works even in complete darkness.


Music lovers will be pleased when they encounter a 3.5 mm audio jack in the usual place, and lovers of wireless headphones will appreciate the support of the aptX HD codec. The sound quality is at a good level, there is no loss of low or high frequencies. Of course, there is an NFC chip, so that a smartphone can pay in the store, leaving a bank card at home, or charge a pass.


IPS, 6.15 ”, 2312×1080, 415 ppi
Octa-core Kirin 710, 4 cores Cortex A73 2.2 GHz + 4 cores Cortex A53 1.7 GHz
4 GB
128 GB
3340 mAh
main – 48 megapixels (f / 1.8) + 8 megapixels (f / 2.4) + 2 megapixels (f / 2.4), front – 24 megapixels (f / 2.0)
NFC module, 3.5 mm audio jack, microSD support up to 512 GB, quick charge 18 W

Test results

162 413
323 single-core
1360 multi-core
up to 16 hours of video playback

What we get in the end

HONOR 20 LITE – balanced middling at the right price. Its power is enough for most tasks, the built-in memory is easy to expand, the front camera pleases with pictures. A powerful trump card is the ability to pay using NFC. You can find fault with the quality of shooting on a wide-angle camera and the lack of video recording in 4K resolution. Autonomy is average, but fast charging allows you to quickly replenish the battery. This is a universal smartphone that does not stand out in its class, but is able to offer the buyer everything necessary.

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