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Today’s hero of the review, the flagship in all respects, made a lot of noise on the network. This is the same device without Google services, which at an unexpectedly nice price offers a set of top-end cameras, a smart processor and many other bells and whistles. Read more about the HONOR View 30 Pro in the review.

HONOR View 30 Pro

Boring design and scanner in a button

The editor came a model with frosted glass on the rear panel. Such a design solution definitely gives charm to the device: it looks and is tactfully perceived quite differently from most smartphones. For example, at a certain angle, when there are no reflections on the glass, the back cover panel cooling the hand resembles metal. When bright light enters, the translucent texture of the glass becomes visible.

Another nice point is a flat button with a fingerprint scanner on the right side of the case. Unlike the sensors built into the display, this one works instantly without any delay.

HONOR View 30 Pro

Eye-friendly screen

HONOR View 30 Pro will be a real salvation for those who can not stand the flicker due to PWM, and in general does not like the AMOLED technology. The device has a classic IPS-matrix. The maximum screen resolution is 1080×2400 pixels. Color reproduction is beyond praise: purely visually, the display is second only to the new AMOLED matrices in black depth.

The screen settings are traditionally wide for HONOR. So, the built-in dual selfie camera is easy to mask, dimming part of the display. You can also wander in the color settings and change the resolution.

HONOR View 30 Pro

Three independent cameras and a dual front camera

The HONOR View 30 Pro camera module consists of three full-fledged lenses that shoot independently and have intuitive and easy-to-test characteristics.

The main 40-megapixel camera is equipped with optical stabilization and laser autofocus, all this works in conjunction with the Sony IMX686 sensor. The aperture ratio of optics is also at the level – f / 1.6. This set allows the smartphone to shoot at relatively slow shutter speeds without a tripod and quickly focus on sharpness at close range even in the dark.

Macro shot. The f / 1.6 aperture produces beautiful optical bokeh
Night mode. Shooting without a tripod
Shooting with AI. Software algorithms recognized the scene as a “historic building” and added some color on a not-so-bright day
Indoor shooting with natural light
Night mode. Software algorithms coolly pulled details in the shadows and in the light

The second 8 megapixel camera is responsible for shooting distant objects – an honest 3x optical zoom helps in this. The camera is also equipped with an optical stabilizer. Moreover, the module supports a hybrid 5x zoom without visible quality loss, and the maximum available digital zoom – 30x.

Module with 3x optical zoom. Shot in 5x Hybrid Zoom
Module with 3x optical zoom. This is how the first floor looks from the height of the third

You can evaluate the full overclocking of the zoom in the pictures below:

Main module (no zoom)
Optional module (3x optical zoom)
Optional Module (5x Hybrid Zoom)
30x digital zoom (maximum possible zoom)

The third 12-megapixel sensor is super wide-angle. It is imprisoned for the best quality of video recording – it was even called a “movie lens”. The camera shoots in a cinematic 16: 9 format and provides enhanced image stabilization even in low light. You can evaluate the operation of this module in the second half of the test video for evening shooting indoors.

In video shooting, HONOR View 30 Pro does not set conditions, but gives more options. For example, when shooting on the main camera, it was possible to set 4K quality without problems, increase the refresh rate to 60 fps – and all this with working stabilization.

Since the “cinema” width mentioned above has autofocus, it copes well with photographing: the detail is excellent, there is even a super macro mode.

Ultra wide module. Shutter speed 1/126, f / 2.2, ISO 50
Ultra wide module. Shutter Speed 1/155, f / 2.2, ISO 50
Ultra wide module. Shutter Speed 1/1181, f / 2.2, ISO 50
Ultra wide module. Shutter Speed 1/2976, f / 2.2, ISO 50

In general, I liked the work of all three modules. In the HONOR View 30 Pro, the super-wide is not a tick, and there is a real optical zoom, and the standard camera has excellent characteristics.

Nice shots are obtained largely due to the unique software. AI works in it, there is a decent night mode and, by default, combining several pixels into one works to improve the quality of the picture. The double frontalka turned out to be quite good. Her first wide-angle lens at first was not very pleased, but the second 32-megapixel module with a natural viewing angle surprised with a high level of detail.

HONOR View 30 Pro
Front camera, 32-megapixel mode

High performance and instant response

The smartphone is based on the top-end SoC with a reserve for the future. We are talking about the 5G version of the Kirin 990 platform, which is slightly more productive than usual due to the higher clock speeds. The processor consists of two powerful Cortex-A76 cores with a frequency of 2.86 GHz, two Cortex-A76 with 2.36 GHz and four energy-efficient Cortex-A55 operating at 1.95 GHz. In addition, the chip contains three NPU neuroprocessor units: two for complex tasks and one for simple ones. The 16-core Mali-G76 video accelerator is responsible for the graphics.

The gadget demonstrates an excellent margin of performance both with active web surfing and when working with various software. Even in the system shell the same flagship response is felt: when there is almost no delay between the tap on the application icon and the actual launch.

There are no problems with games . PUBG works on average with 40 fps with maximum graphics settings, with stable 30 fps you can play The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

HONOR View 30 Pro

How to live without Google services and what’s with NFC?

The device runs on Android 10 with the proprietary shell Magic UI 3.0.1. In the OS settings, you can abandon the on-screen navigation buttons, using full-screen gestures instead.

In addition, the latest version of the system supports a cool feature – Magic-Link. If you turn on the NFC on your smartphone and bring it to a compatible HONOR or HUAWEI laptop, instant synchronization will occur. In such a tandem, the entire contents of the phone screen is broadcast in high quality and without delay to the computer monitor. Both devices use a common clipboard, moreover, the mouse and keyboard on a PC will manage to remotely control any functions of the smartphone. For example, you can mount it on a tripod, launch the camera application and control shooting from a laptop. In this case, the image in the phone’s viewfinder is transmitted to the computer display with a high refresh rate and without the slightest delay.

HONOR View 30 Pro

As you can see, the variety of features in the manufacturer’s software is more than enough. In addition, the brand is actively developing its AppGallery application store, where many programs familiar to the Russian user are available right now.

HONOR View 30 Pro

In more detail about the experience of everyday use of a smartphone without Google services, as well as about the capabilities of the application store, we will tell in the near future in a separate article.

High autonomy and fast charge

The device is equipped with a 4100 mAh battery: the capacity is not bad for a gadget with not the thickest case. At the same time, it takes only 47 minutes to fully charge – thanks to the 40-watt charger from the kit. With active mixed use, the smartphone easily lives for a day and a half, even with a screen resolution forcibly set to maximum (the glow time in this scenario is 5-6 hours). The device is able to cycle video offline while over 12 hours. An excellent demonstration of the game load was the GameBench performance test : it showed an amazingly low consumption – only 10% per hour.

In addition to decent autonomy, the HONOR View 30 Pro is notable for supporting various types of wireless charging. This is a wireless 27-watt charging of the gadget itself, and a reverse wireless, which allows, for example, to quickly recharge the headphones by attaching their case to the back cover of the smartphone.


6.57“, IPS, 1080×2400, 400 ppi
CPU HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G (7 nm +)
GPU Mali-G76 MP16
8 GB
256 GB
4100 mAh
main – 40 megapixels, wide-angle – 12 megapixels, telephoto – 8 megapixels, front – 32 megapixels + 8 megapixels
3x optical zoom, optical stabilization, laser autofocus, projection of the smartphone screen onto a laptop

Test results

778 single-core
3166 multi-core
PUBG (max)
40 fps
The elder scrolls: blades
30 fps
more than 12 hours of video viewing
up to 1.5 days of work in mixed mode
HONOR View 30 Pro


HONOR View 30 Pro is the unconditional flagship. It has a huge margin of performance, excellent screen and high-quality cameras. The only drawback is the lack of Google services. On the other hand, thanks to this, the device received a more affordable price than could be expected for such iron. HONOR View 30 Pro should be safely recommended to those who want to get a truly flagship gadget in all aspects, but not too dependent on the software of the “good corporation”. The model will be a good choice for a geek and an experienced user: having obtained excellent hardware at a tasty price, you can roll software to your taste.

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