HUAWEI P40 Lite review: where are the Google services, Lebowski?

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In the middle class, there is high competition, but the HUAWEI P40 Lite looks confident against the background of rivals. It has a quad camera, a fingerprint scanner at the end, support for fast charging and a productive filling. True, there are no Google services, but the HUAWEI AppGallery own store is installed. What the new smartphone is capable of, we find out in the review.


Emerald handsome

At the first acquaintance, the gadget makes a good impression, the saturated green color of the case looks attractive. True, the back cover is quickly covered with prints, but they are easy to erase. The corners are rounded, so the smartphone does not stick into the palm of your hand. At the bottom there is a USB Type-C port and an audio jack – its presence will delight fans of wired headphones. The main camera is represented by a square block of four lenses – a hype case with a Schwarzenegger is ideal here. The front camera is inscribed in the hole in the upper left of the screen.

A distinctive feature of the HUAWEI P40 Lite is the fingerprint scanner located on the right side of the smartphone. Its platform is oblong and quite large, so it will not work to miss it. It is convenient for left-handed people to unlock the device with the index or middle finger, and right-handed people can attach a large one to the sensor. During testing, I have never had any complaints about unlocking a smartphone with a scanner; the accuracy and speed of fingerprint recognition were on top.


A simple solution for serious issues

HUAWEI makes a lot of efforts so that users do not experience discomfort due to the lack of familiar Google services. In the HUAWEI AppGallery brand store, most of the most popular applications have already appeared: games, instant messengers, video players and readers. There is even an AnTuTu benchmark that recently crashed from Google Play. And in your favorite games you can save through your HUAWEI account. But without YouTube, of course, is bad. Yes, and it’s a pity to lose progress in your favorite game, where authorization occurred through the Google Games account.

There is good news: the Internet is full of ways to install familiar services. The most obvious is to use Phone Clone to transfer data from your old smartphone to a new one. This option is recommended in the HUAWEI community , which is why it was used. After that, on the P40 Lite, you could enter the Google app store and install the necessary programs from there.


The experiment was successful on the first try. YouTube, Google Drive, and Gmail have worked just fine – as if they’ve been on HUAWEI since the purchase. The saved passwords for entering applications were also tightened without problems. But I couldn’t buy coffee using Google Pay, although the gadget is equipped with an NFC module: contactless payment is prohibited. It is hoped that over time, the device will become available HUAWEI Pay, but so far it is not supported.

What four cameras can do

The quad camera is a trend that has reached low-cost devices. The main module has a resolution of 48 megapixels and an aperture of f / 1.8, while the second wide-angle one has a modest 8 megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.4. The two remaining sensors are auxiliary: one is responsible for accurately blurring the boundaries of objects during portrait shooting, the other for macro with maximum approximation. The front camera received a resolution of 16 megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.0.


In the afternoon, the quality of the photos on the main camera is high, and in the dark you can use the night mode. The camera is equipped with artificial intelligence, which accurately determines the plot of the future picture and selects the appropriate settings. But beauty is too intense: it should be set to the minimum value or turned off altogether, so that the faces are not plastic, like dolls. Additional modules are noticeably inferior in quality to the main one, but they expand the photo capabilities of the device. We will tell you more about HUAWEI P40 Lite cameras in a full-fledged photo review.

Shot in a room with a neutral color scheme. The result is good: although there is a lack of light, but the overall quality is in order, and the coffee foam is clear
The camera quickly zooms in on objects; focus doesn’t jump
Portrait shooting indoors. The blurring is correct, but the beautification is aggressive even at the minimum values, and the skin tone goes too red
Photo in aperture mode. Depth of field can be changed manually both during the shooting process and after it. They didn’t touch anything here – blur flaws are small, the camera coped on its own
The shot was a little darker than necessary. Therefore there are gaps in the shadows
Shooting on the street. Correct color reproduction, small labels readable
The camera coped well with pulling shadows in difficult conditions: during the shooting, the building looked like a black spot on the smartphone screen
Portrait shooting on the street, beauty is disabled. The background is blurred with almost no errors, the overall quality is not bad
Radiola stood in the corner with complex lighting. Automation made the picture a little lighter than it was in reality, but even small details are distinguishable
The frame was shot indoors on the main camera of the smartphone. If you need to capture more objects, you should switch to a wide-angle lens
The distance to the ceiling remained the same, but a photo with a wide viewing angle looks much more spectacular
The power of 2x zoom is enough to view distant objects in detail
The front camera pleases with good quality and an abundance of multi-colored filters – before uploading to social networks, it is not necessary to process images
So the main camera copes with night shooting in automatic mode
We switch to the “Night” mode. The sky has become more detailed, and the image itself is sharp
So photographs a separate macromodule. The overall quality is low, a lot of digital noise, but you can focus from a very close distance

The HUAWEI P40 Lite shoots videos with a maximum resolution of Full HD. There is no ability to record 4K clips, although iron should allow it. The result can be estimated below:

Screen Impressions

Complete with HUAWEI P40 Lite there is a high-quality film with an oleophobic coating – like a trifle, but useful. The 6.4-inch display is made using IPS technology. There are no complaints about image quality: excellent viewing angles and no PWM. The maximum brightness level is sufficient to make the smartphone comfortable to use in street lighting. You will be able to set the color temperature to your liking, you can also choose a standard or lower screen resolution to reduce power consumption.

There is a dark mode in the settings. On IPS panels, it does not give a significant increase to autonomy, however, with a lack of external lighting, looking at the screen becomes noticeably more comfortable. By the way, the updated design of the EMUI 10 interface is noteworthy: a separate material was devoted to innovations in the shell .


Enough with iron

The eight-core Kirin 810 is a powerful chipset, moreover, made according to the modern 7-nanometer process technology, and the RAM is 6 GB. Such a bunch is enough for smooth operation of the interface and quick launch of applications, as well as for heavy games. In the HUAWEI AppGallery store, the choice is decent: from the Asphalt 9 racing simulator to the popular PUBG.

First launched World of Tanks Blitz: the game started confidently at around 60 fps and kept this figure during active online battles. Then we tried to drive in Asphalt 9: there were no sagging frames, the animation was smooth, switching between settings and modes occurred without delay.


HUAWEI P40 Lite was also convenient in everyday work. Minimized applications are not unloaded from memory, PDF files open without serious slowdowns. There are also no lags with active web surfing and photo processing in the mobile editor.

The volume of the internal drive is 128 GB, if desired, it is easy to expand using a microSD card. But the tray itself is hybrid: you have to choose between increasing storage and using two SIM cards at the same time.


Lives a long time, charges fast

The smartphone is equipped with a 4200 mAh battery, HUAWEI Super Charge 2.0 fast charging technology is also supported. They installed MX Player from the AppGallery, transferred the gadget to airplane mode, and set the screen brightness to half the maximum, then turned on continuous video playback. In such conditions, the P40 Lite played a test video for 16 hours. For an IPS screen such a diagonal is an excellent result. As for the charge speed, the device was recharged from 40% to 94% in half an hour from the complete adapter.



6.4 “, IPS, 2310×1080
CPU eight-core HiSilicon Kirin 810
GPU Mali-G52
6 GB
128 GB
4200 mAh
main – 48 megapixels (f / 1.8) + 8 megapixels (f / 2.4) + 2 megapixels (f / 2.4) + 2 megapixels (f / 2.4), front – 16 megapixels (f / 2.0)
NFC module, lack of Google services, 3.5 mm audio jack, front-facing display, fingerprint scanner on the side

Test results

304 401
588 single-core
1869 multi-core
up to 16 hours of video playback

What is the result

HUAWEI P40 Lite successfully combines solutions that are already familiar from other models of the brand. The powerful Kirin 810 processor, proprietary fast charging technology, high autonomy and a convenient side fingerprint scanner make this smartphone an interesting offer in its class. Alas, there are no familiar Google services, but installing them takes a couple of minutes. There were some compromises, the most annoying is the difficulty of contactless payment. But even with this in mind, the model turned out to be balanced and enjoyable in work.

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