Nokia 6.2 review: triple camera and always fresh Android

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Smartphones in the middle price segment are less and less like a compromise from truncated features and modest materials. Nokia 6.2 visited the editorial office with a catchy design, triple camera and monthly updates. We’ll check whether the eminent brand managed to create a successful mid-budget smartphone.

Nokia 6.2

What about the design?

The appearance of the smartphone is almost completely borrowed from a more expensive model – Nokia 7.2. The back panel is covered with tempered glass Gorilla Glass 3, and the frame is made of a polymer composite. The original round block of cameras protrudes significantly from the case, so you have to think about their safety – a cover to help.

As for the ergonomics of the device, the buttons are conveniently positioned, and the index finger clearly lies in the recess of the fingerprint scanner on the back cover. On the left side there is a separate key for calling Google voice assistant. This allows you to find information on the Internet in a couple of seconds or set, for example, a reminder. Noteworthy is the notification LED built into the power key. It flashes only in white, and you can differentiate the type of notification by its brightness.

Nokia 6.2

Good screen

Nokia 6.2 inherited from the older model and a Full HD + display with a diagonal of 6.3 inches. It is made using IPS technology. There are no complaints about image quality. The maximum and minimum brightness levels allow you to comfortably use your smartphone at different times of the day, and the black color remains black at any viewing angle. The lack of PWM is really noticeable, with prolonged use of the phone, my eyes almost never get tired.

The only thing you can see is the unevenness of the display backlight around the perimeter of the front camera cutout, especially on a white screen. By the way, to improve the displayed image, the manufacturer used the proprietary function PureDisplay. Its features include: activation of the dynamic mode, automatic selection of white balance and the conversion of SDR to HDR.

Nokia 6.2

Performance and Features

Nokia 6.2 is running Snapdragon 636. The platform is not new, because its announcement took place in 2017, but do not write off this processor. In the GameBench benchmark, which evaluates performance in real applications, the gadget showed good results. In World of Tanks, the smartphone confidently held 45 fps with high graphics settings and HD textures enabled. In PUBG Mobile, it turned out to set only the average settings, the rest were not available. With these parameters, the fps value floated around 26. Even with such indicators, it was not difficult to win the battle in the “royal battle”. I liked the almost complete absence of throttling; in the CPU Throttling Test, performance decreased by only 20% from the initial after 30 minutes of operation. The temperature after all the tests did not rise above 41 degrees.

The system works without slowdowns, all applications start up quickly. This is no accident, because Nokia 6.2 is running a clean ninth version of Android. The advantages of this solution are obvious: the appearance of the entire system is made in strict Material Design, the firmware is completely devoid of third-party software, and thanks to the participation in the Android One program, the updates are pleasant with efficiency. The manufacturer promises for three years every month to regularly release system security patches, moreover, an update to Android 10 should come soon.

Nokia 6.2

Despite the clean OS, the smartphone initially occupied 11.5 GB of ROM out of 32 GB available. The fact is that the system itself occupies 9.9 GB, and the remaining 1.6 GB “ate” pre-installed Google applications.

It’s good that the tray is triple – there is no need to choose between the second SIM card and microSD. Of the chips in the software, you can mention the Google One application, which gives as a bonus 100 GB of space in the Google Drive service for three months. And in case the user has questions, the gadget is preinstalled with a proprietary Nokia service application with the possibility of online consultation via chat. A significant plus is the presence of an NFC chip, thanks to which you no longer have to carry a wallet with a bunch of credit cards.

Nokia 6.2

How to shoot

Nokia 6.2 is equipped with a 16 megapixel main module, an 8 megapixel wide-angle module and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. The camera application has a huge number of functions. There is a proprietary Bothie mode, which allows you to take photos and videos simultaneously on the main and front cameras, and the “night” and “portrait” modes have not gone away. Professionals will come in handy Pro-mode and the ability to shoot in RAW format.

We offer a look at the results.

With good lighting, the photos are detailed as on the main module …
… so the wide-angle
To capture your favorite painting in the museum is not a problem
Even late at night, the outlines of trees are clearly visible.
Overexposure is strongly visible on the width
Photo with directional light
All colors are conveyed exactly as they were in fact
Thanks to HDR, light and dark parts of the photo are visible
Macro looks decent
Good quality night shooting. Due to the slow shutter speed, moving objects are slightly blurry.
It looks strange hill with artificial turf: that they just can’t come up with due to lack of snow

With video shooting, the smartphone copes well even on cloudy days. Electronic stabilization works fine, shaking when walking is almost imperceptible. This is achieved by a small crop of the frame, because of which information is captured a little less than we would like. In 4K, stabilization is turned off, so image cropping no longer occurs, but when moving, the picture still remains high-quality.

In both cases, the video is recorded at a frequency of 30 fps, which is more than good for such a price segment.

Decent autonomy

Autonomy was pleasantly surprised: despite the battery capacity of 3500 mAh, which is far from record, the smartphone survives without problems until the end of the day with an average of 30% of the charge in stock. By the way, the test video Full HD at medium brightness in airplane mode played 12.5 hours. But the model, unfortunately, was cheated by quick charging, so it charges up to 100% with a complete adapter in 2 hours.

Nokia 6.2

Test results

1323 single-core
4922 multi-core
278 single-core
1241 multi-core
up to 12.5 hours of video playback


6.3 “, IPS, 1080×2340
Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 CPU
GPU Adreno 509
3 GB
32 GB
3500 mAh
main – 16 + 8 + 5 megapixels; frontal – 8 megapixels
Android One, 100 GB of storage in Google Drive, 3.5 mm audio output, NFC support
Nokia 6.2

What is the result

Nokia 6.2 left only positive impressions. This is facilitated by good performance, which is enough to solve everyday tasks, and a decent camera that does not pass even in low light conditions. It is also worth noting decent autonomy and an interesting, eye-catching design.

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