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The line of OPPO Find smartphones has recently been updated to the second generation, including replenished with the Find X2 model. On board is the main camera with three modules and a 32 megapixel selfie, the top Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, plenty of memory and a battery with support for fast charging. Let’s see how the gadget will show itself in action.

OPPO Find X2

Large 3D screen

Find X2 is equipped with a curved (3D) screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protective glass. The AMOLED-matrix with a diagonal of 6.7 inches has a resolution of QHD + (3168 × 1440 pixels) and an aspect ratio of 20: 9. The stock of brightness is very large (800 nits). With support for HDR10 + technology, peak brightness reaches 1200 nits. The display provides 100 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color space and reproduces 1.07 billion colors.

The screen has the function of setting the refresh rate. It is selected either automatically or manually from the values of 60 or 120 Hz. At the maximum figure, we get an excellent clear and smooth picture, when when scrolling you can even read small text. In the 60 Hz format, the image twitches in the same situation, and small text cannot be tracked.

OPPO Find X2

The viewing angles of the AMOLED panel are large. True, the picture, without losing clarity, acquires a blue tint when viewed from a wide angle on the display. The stock of brightness is large – it is more than enough for working in the sun. The auto brightness function responds to a change in lighting instantly. There is also eye protection – a blue filter, including on a schedule.

Three cameras and fivex hybrid zoom

The main camera Find X2 is equipped with three photomodules and a two-segment LED flash. But such a complete set today is no longer surprising. Let’s see what with the quality of the pictures.

OPPO Find X2

The main module has a 1/2-inch Sony IMX586 sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels and a six-lens lens with a focal length of about 28 mm and a large aperture (f / 1.7) – we already saw such a solution in OPPO phones. In standard mode, this module records 12-megapixel frames, using the combination of four neighboring pixels into one large one – to improve color and expand the dynamic range. In the settings, the shooting mode in full resolution is also available (48 megapixels), and you do not need a tripod: you can take it off hand.

On the crop photo you can see slightly smoothed details, but the sky is smooth
On the crop photo, finer and sharper details are visible, but there are artifacts in the sky

The ultra-wide-angle unit is equipped with a lens with an f / 2.2 aperture and an equivalent focal length of 16 mm (viewing angle 120 °). As well as the Sony IMX708 12MP sensor, which in our case provides 9-megapixel images. The telemodule has a 12 megapixel sensor and a lens with aperture of f / 2.4. It produces images with 2x optical zoom, with hybrid 5x or digital up to 20x. That is, the main camera with the help of three modules allows you to switch between ultra-wide-angle mode, 1x, 2x and 5x. Digital zoom is performed with a two-finger gesture, but due to a too soapy picture, it is unlikely to want to use it.

Super wide angle shooting. Detailing is slightly lower than with 1x and 2x
Shooting without zoom (1x). High definition, right colors
2x zoom (2x). High definition, right colors
Fivex zoom (5x). Details are more blurred than when shooting with 1x and 2x. The picture is lighter and less contrast

Maximum quality is provided by the main sensor in 12 megapixel format. Paired with the HDR function in the “Auto” mode, it gives the correct exposure with a good study of tones. Artificial intelligence, activated by the AI on-screen button, automatically recognizes the scene being shot and applies optimal adjustments.

OPPO Find X2

During daytime shooting and in rooms with bright lighting, all the modules of the main camera are capable of making high-quality shots. However, there are nuances (for more details, see the comments on the pictures below).

Ultra wide angle lens for effective sky shots
2x zoom (2x) is ideal for shooting animals and portraits of people
In contrasting scenes, 5x hybrid zoom delivers crisp shots
The HDR function in the “Auto” mode copes with the transmission of contrast lighting and glare on the glass
When shooting without zoom (1x), the main module works fine with shadows thanks to HDR
Ultra Wide Angle: HDR seems to perform worse or not at all. Color rendition is a little gone in the blue-green area
The lens of the main module perfectly removes in the opposite light
In bright light, the TV module at 2x shoots no worse than the main unit
In sunny weather, the main module produces clear pictures with the correct color reproduction
Shooting with the main module without zoom: correct color reproduction, high definition
Ultra Wide Angle: Highlighted Perspective, Correct White Balance and High Definition

The modules of the Find X2 main camera produce more different photos at night, because the effect of a small aperture in an ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto lens affects it. The “Night” program helps to improve quality. And if you want to shoot at a slow shutter speed with a minimum ISO, the Expert mode is useful.

The optical stabilization system, available when shooting with the main module, allows you to take hand-held photographs at shutter speeds of up to about 1/17 second. If you have a tripod on hand, you can use long exposures in the “Night” preset.

The super wide-angle lens is not afraid of oncoming light, but artifacts are possible in the halo around the lamps
The ultra-wide-angle lens reflected the evening light well and effectively emphasized the diagonals
In the “Expert” mode, you can get pictures with minimal noise
The images from the TV module in the regular program are noisy due to the small aperture
When shooting with the main module, there is practically no noise problem
Mixed artificial lighting does not bother automation
When the “Tripod” option is turned on, the “Night” program produces images with minimal noise and well-designed lights and shadows.

Multi-megapixel selfies

The front-panel in Find X2 is built into the corner of the screen. She has a 32-megapixel sensor with a wide-angle lens (equivalent focal length – 22 mm, aperture – f / 2.4). In good light, autofocus works reliably, pictures are clear. If there is not enough light, a low aperture begins to affect. To improve self-portraits, many settings are provided with which it is easy to get a good result. A large list of art filters is also available.

OPPO Find X2
Selfie in the dim light from the window. Color rendering and exposure are correct, details are noticeably smoothed

Video recording

The phone delivers 4K video at 60 fps. In addition, it supports recording in Full HD with a frequency of up to 60 fps, as well as slow and fast shooting. With bright lighting in UHD @ 60fps mode, smooth videos are obtained even when panorama is activated.

The dual stabilization system (optical plus digital) when shooting with the main module functions only in Full HD mode. The result is excellent: the picture does not tremble with vertical panning.

During operation in UHD mode with a frequency of 60 frames / s it is possible to switch the zoom in steps – by the on-screen button. For example, when shooting a rally of toy cars, the foreground was first recorded at a zoom of 1x, then the background – at 2x. And at the end of the clip, the zoom switched back to 1x.

The “Slow down” option during video recording provides an eight-fold decrease in playback speed. Such a movie is created in FHD @ 30 fps, regardless of what file quality was selected in the settings. With some types of artificial lighting, the picture flickers.

Maximum comfort in any task.

Find X2 is built on the top Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, equipped with 12 GB of new LPDDR5 RAM and an ultra-fast 256 GB UFS 3.0 drive. Thanks to this filling, the device in the AnTuTu and Geekbench 5 benchmarks occupies the top line of the rating.

12 GB of RAM will easily allow you to run multiple applications simultaneously. There are no comments on the performance of the gadget. A fingerprint sensor (it is built into the bottom of the display) and a face recognition system, which the smartphone strongly recommends turning on, work quickly and without failures.

OPPO Find X2

In games with performance, too, everything is in order. So, in the shooter WoT: Blitz, with high graphics settings, the frame rate confidently kept at a maximum level of 60 fps. Who would doubt that!

Note that OPPO Find X2 has a good audio path with support for Dolby Atmos technology. The speakers (spoken and main) work in pairs, in stereo mode. Up to maximum volume, they produce clear sound without distortion. Naturally, the speakers reproduce mid and high frequencies. For bass, you need high-quality headphones, for example complete “in-ear”.

OPPO Find X2

High energy efficiency

The novelty is powered by a 4200 mAh battery, which is not enough for a device with such a large screen and a powerful processor. The smartphone supports SuperVOOC 2.0 fast charging technology. A 65 W adapter and a complete cable during the test provided recharging at a speed of almost 2.5% per minute. In 27 minutes, the battery replenished from 33 to 100%.

OPPO Find X2

There are no questions about energy saving either. In the “tanks”, an hour of shootings at half the brightness of the display leaves 14% of the charge. But in the “Flight” mode at a brightness of 50%, it is possible to play FHD video from memory for more than 18 hours.

In the usual mixed use (phone calls, internet, movies, music, games, viewing documents) OPPO Find X2 will easily live a whole working day.

OPPO Find X2

Seventh Generation Shell

The Find X2 smartphone is running a proprietary shell – ColorOS 7.1, which is based on Android 10. Note the “Games” function that collects releases in a single space (you can add them manually). It allows you to configure performance and power consumption, giving an approximate forecast of the gaming session time.

To reduce power consumption, a dimming mode is provided – it makes the text inverse, uses a dark background and the same icons. Relax after a hard day or on a long journey with the proprietary OPPO Relax feature. To reassure the user, she will offer breathing recommendations, thematic music and background sounds.

OPPO Find X2

Specifications OPPO Find X2

6.7 “, AMOLED, QHD + (3168х1440), Gorilla Glass 6
Qualcomm SD865 CPU 2.84 GHz
GPU Adreno 650
12 GB
256 GB
main – 48 megapixels (f / 1.7) + 13 megapixels (telephoto) + 12 megapixels (wide-angle) + 2 megapixels (monochrome); front – 32 megapixels with f / 2.4 aperture
4200 mAh
the main camera with three modules, optical (when shooting) and digital (when shooting) stabilization, 4K @ 60fps video, NFC, curved screen, ColorOS 7.1 proprietary shell

Test results

589 174
910 single-core
3332 multi-core
more than 18 hours of video playback
OPPO Find X2


OPPO Find X2 is a powerful smartphone with an elegant design. It is impossible to call it innovative against the background of competitors: many solutions, although modern, are not unique. The main 48-megapixel camera with three modules provides different types of shooting, from landscapes to portraits. But surely, advanced mobile photo enthusiasts did not expect from the gadget not 2x zoom, which became the standard on the market, but at least 3x optical. The fivefold hybrid zoom in Find X2, alas, is far from always as good as optical. But selfie lovers will be pleased with a 32-megapixel camera with beauty and art filters.

If photo chips can disappoint the most meticulous users, then in terms of performance, the device causes only delight – a top-end processor, a lot of smart memory, a large modern drive. Fast recharging and intelligent energy-saving functions, despite the quite ordinary (in capacity) battery, will not allow the owner to remain without communication. The 6.7-inch AMOLED screen is good, to match the electronic filling. However, as we now know, not everyone likes curved edges. Summing up the balance, we can confidently say that OPPO Find X2 has more advantages than disadvantages.

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