Review Blackview BV9800 Pro: indestructible smartphone thermal imager

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The secure smartphone segment is a niche. The technologies and chips that appear in it are also unique in their own way. A prime example is the Blackview BV9800 Pro. The vendor equipped it not only with a powerful chipset and 6 GB of RAM, but also with a thermal imager. Where can such a gadget come in handy?

Blackview BV9800 Pro

The first smartphone with a thermal imager

The main feature of the BV9800 Pro is the thermal imaging lens from Flir Systems, a well-known professional company in the American company that produces infrared cameras, night vision systems and various image sensors. Here, the thermal imager is used in a separate program, which displays a thermal map of zones and objects. If necessary, the temperature of specific objects is also displayed on the screen.

Someone will say that this function is redundant, they say, vendors no longer know how else to dodge in order to amuse the audience. But there are situations in which such technology is useful. With a thermal imager, you can inspect the house for leaks in order to seal areas with poor thermal insulation. Using a smartphone is much easier than running around with a candle and see if the air stream blows out the flame. During the trip it is easy to check whether the fire is well extinguished: hot coals, invisible under the ash, can cause a forest fire.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

For the mobile version of the thermal imager, photography and video capture of the image are available. The most socially active can even broadcast on YouTube, the application has such a function. The launch of the program takes five to seven seconds, apparently, this is due to the preparation of equipment and the launch of the lens itself. To get a picture of adequate quality, you should not rush: the smartphone should move smoothly and without jerking, and to take a thermal photograph you need to fix the gadget in place for three seconds. Images from the thermal imager are saved in a separate gallery marked with the application logo.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

Several color filters are available here: they can be superimposed on the picture when shooting. The maximum temperature limit that the thermal imager in the Blackview BV9800 Pro is capable of recognizing is 120 ° C, but the minimum was not detected: liquid nitrogen was not at hand. It is clear that the functionality of the lens is tuned to the hardware platform of the smartphone, so you should not expect the level of an independent device.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

Smartphone – a Swiss knife: why and for whom

BV9800 Pro is designed to work in extreme conditions, when you need to focus on the task, without being distracted by not to wet or drop the gadget. The model with a high probability is chosen by lovers of outdoor activities, as well as those who are often involved in minor repairs.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

A number of utilities are preinstalled in the software, which will help in a particular working scenario if there are no ordinary tools at hand. A plumb line, a protractor, an altimeter, wall and floor levels will serve during construction and repair, and a sound level meter will help assess the degree of noise pollution and keep the owner of the device hearing. Compass, alarm, flashlight and barometer are useful for traveling and hiking. All tools work correctly, the error in the values is minimal.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

Severe exterior

In terms of protection, the smartphone complies with the military standard MIL-STD-810G. The screws on the case can create the erroneous impression that the gadget is clad in a cover-armor, but no, this is the phone itself. The back panel is made of textured material similar to soft-touch plastic. The fingerprint scanner is located on the right side under the power key. Unlocking with a fingerprint scanner is not fast: you need to hold your finger on the sensor for about two seconds, but input errors are extremely rare. Faster unlocking on the face. Although this method is not so reliable, it will be more preferable when using the device on the street, when the owner’s hands are dressed in warm gloves or work gloves.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

Despite the large dimensions, the gadget fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, the risk that it will inadvertently slip out is minimal. However, it is well protected against damage during a fall: in addition to the case with a thickness of almost 15 mm, the display is protected by inserts that level out the possible consequences of a fall on the corners. The screen is surrounded by wide frames, which visually reduces it, although it is stated that the display occupies 85% of the front panel of the smartphone. The screen is moderately bright, color temperature calibration is available. The front camera is hidden in a drop-drop. The decision is controversial, because there is enough space on the body to accommodate the lens without encroaching on the display space. Software to hide the cutout is not provided.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

How to shoot

Cameras in fact showed average results. The main lens with a resolution of 48 megapixels is very sensitive to lighting: if it is not enough, then taking pictures of acceptable photos will require exposure – both moral and hardware. Bokeh works with reservations: portrait mode selects an object in the foreground, determines its center and blurs everything except the circular area in the middle of the frame. Moreover, the effect is often heterogeneous: the boundaries of the object itself are also often blurred.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

Worthy pictures come out in bright natural or artificial light. Various modes and settings are provided to improve image quality, filters and masks are available. Given that the model belongs to the middle price segment and does not pretend to be a camera phone, its photo capabilities can even be called good.

Bright daylight, the texture of buildings in the AI mode is pinched
The sky is a little overexposed, the colors are natural, the detail is good
Night mode: grass and sky “noise”, the picture went into yellow tones
Artificial lamp, minimum brightness, HDR off
Example of bokeh in portrait mode: radius without blur is clearly visible
HDR off, colors as close to natural
Cloudy weather, zoom 2x, detail has not deteriorated
Selfie in portrait mode: bokeh is much better than on the main camera, the sky is overexposed

An example of how a gadget records video.

Performance and autonomy

The shell is not overloaded with the manufacturer’s add-ons, which in combination with the fast Helio P70 processor provides good system-level performance and minimal delays when launching heavy applications. Sometimes the screen seems to “think a little”, this is especially noticeable in demanding games. In PUBG Mobile at high graphics settings, frame rates per second were mostly at around 29, and the processor warmed up to 59 ° C, which was not felt at all when touching the gadget’s body. For half an hour of play, the battery was discharged by 7% with a backlight level of 65%. There were no program crashes: 6 GB of RAM is enough for comfortable work with a smartphone.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

As for autonomy, the impressive battery capacity is easily enough for two days in a daily use scenario: calls, social networks, instant messengers, shooting photos and videos. In the test with cyclic playback of the video, an excellent result was obtained: 33 hours 25 minutes. A full charge from scratch to 100% with a complete adapter takes about two hours, supports fast charging Pump Express 5.0. You can use the wireless protocol, but it will take much more time.


6.3 “, IPS, 2340×1080
CPU MediaTek Helio P70
GPU ARM Mali G72
128 GB, support for memory cards up to 256 GB
48 + 5 megapixels
6580 mAh
LTE, Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.1
protection against external influences (IP68, IP69K, MIL-STD-810G), Flir thermal imager, wireless charging, built-in barometer

Test results

182 709
296 single-core
1406 multi-core
more than 33 hours of video playback
7.5 hours of playing PUBG
Blackview BV9800 Pro


The Blackview BV9800 Pro has everything you need to fully work in conditions close to extreme. It is protected from external influences, and a capacious battery allows you to stay in touch for a long time. Additional functions, such as a thermal imager and a variety of utilities, will help in many situations. The cameras give decent pictures in good light, night shots are slightly noisy and do not indulge in detail. Blackview BV9800 Pro is a niche device, but it’s nice to see that today even rugged smartphones can boast good performance coupled with the latest technology.

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