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Smartphones have long taken away work from portable cameras and camcorders, music players, planners, alarms, and more. However, their main function is still calls and messages. Our guest today, Neffos C9 Max from TP-Link, is designed primarily for basic tasks, and what else is in it – we’ll figure it out during the testing process.

Neffos C9 Max

Main feature

The dominant feature is the 6.09-inch IPS display, which occupies 87.6% of the front panel and has an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9. The screen is covered with 2.5D glass and framed by small frames, so it looks trendy. There is a modest cutout for the front camera, which unlocks the smartphone in the face (the only biometrics in C9 Max). The bottom line with the logo of the vendor, of course, is an amateur, but in general this combination looks concise. Face recognition works well, but for its speed and correctness at dusk, we would not have been guaranteed – there are misses.

Neffos C9 Max

The screen has an automatic brightness adjustment, its margin is sufficient for most use cases, and the color temperature with the “night mode” can be twisted to a more yellow shade to protect vision.

The display resolution is enough for most typical use cases, pixels are visible only when looking at close range, and a multi-touch with five simultaneous touches correctly executes command input and typing.

Good looking

The smartphone looks elegant, despite belonging to the budget segment. There are two colors on sale: dark blue and red with a matte gradient, it is nice to wear such a device without a cover, attracting the views of others. By the way, the case is not easily soiled, and a complete protective film helps protect the screen.

Neffos C9 Max

The controls are arranged in the usual way: the volume swing on the left side, and the hybrid tray and the lock key on the right. All buttons have a tight and tangible stroke that prevents accidental clicks. At the top end placed a 3.5 mm audio jack, at the bottom – micro-USB port.

How is it with the photo?

The only 13-megapixel main camera of the smartphone with autofocus and flash is equipped with a f / 2.2 aperture. Claimed smart recognition of scenes, night shooting and blurring the background.

Neffos C9 Max

The module is typical for its segment: due to the small size of the matrix, it copes better with macro photography than with landscapes in which it smears edges with good frame geometry. The bokeh effect is programmed and is poorly developed, and the backlight lubricates the boundaries of objects. In the dark, there is either shake or glare from the bulbs, which is not surprising for a smartphone of this class.

When shooting a video, the camera processes backlight in a similar way, highlighting the frame, and does not adapt immediately, there is no stabilization.

The 5-megapixel front camera with a viewing angle of 77 degrees has a smart selfie mode and ten levels of frame processing, like the main camera. Alas, the backlight blurs the borders of the frame, and even software improvements do not make photos perfect.

Of course, photo and video shooting are not priority functions for this model, so you should not wait for the quality of professional images. And for publishing on the network and capturing some important information, the capabilities of the photomodules are enough.


“Under the hood” everything is working

In the C9 line, along with Max, there is a model with the “S” index. The compatriot is expectedly smaller in size and weight and is equipped with a more compact screen, however, with a large number of ppi. C9s comes with a similar processor and RAM, but different flash drive capacities: 16 or 32 GB versus 32 in the older version.


6.09 “, IPS, 1560×720, 282 ppi
CPU MediaTek Helio A22 MT6761, 4 x 2.0 GHz
PowerVR GE8300 GPU, 660 MHz
2 GB
Storage device
32 GB + microSD up to 128 GB
main – dual 13 MP
frontal – 5 megapixels
Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, 2.4 G, 5G, Bluetooth 5.0
Neffos C9 Max

The smartphone can not be called a speed record holder, which is confirmed by benchmarks. In general, everything is expected for the declared parameters. When scrolling the interface and working with basic applications, there was no slowdown. Complex games like Asphalt 9 go at the minimum settings with some artifacts in the background and in drawing details of the gameplay. For a state employee, sharpened for basic and office tasks, this is a good result.

Test results

71 156
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited
3DMark Ice Storm Extreme

Of the pleasant features of the new items, it should be noted the Transmitting Antenna Switching technology, which is designed to provide stable communication quality regardless of how the user holds the device. And for better GPS positioning, the vendor has allocated more space in the body for the antenna.

Is the “robot” new?

Neffos C9 Max works under the control of Android version 9 operating system with the manufacturer’s proprietary launcher – NFUI. By and large, it is not much different from bare Android, although it has a number of proprietary chips: a variety of themes, an interface for setting up and customizing desktops, a task manager with a convenient display of previously launched applications, and the ability to hide the main menu by placing program shortcuts by smartphone desktops.

Рабочий стол Neffos C9 Max

The interface and one of the key features of the new product, the Dual-SIM service, are implemented at the proper level. In addition to choosing the name and color indicator of the carrier, you can set default scripts for making actions when making calls, sending SMS and using mobile Internet. The incoming event indication is also visual and intuitive.

In the basic delivery of Neffos C9 Max, in addition to branded Android and Google services, the user is waiting for the Clean Master optimization application, OfficeSuite office suite, FM radio, the migration assistant from the old device, as well as three games: Spider-Man, Little Big City and Puzzle Pets. They are easy to remove or replace with something new from the Play Market.

Интерфейс Neffos C9 Max

Enough for a day

For the power of the new product meets the non-removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh. A full charge lasts about 14-15 hours of work in a standard scenario, which includes about half an hour of calls, constant monitoring of social networks and instant messengers in 4G, half an hour listening to music and shooting up to fifty photos and several short clips. Neither wireless nor fast charging is provided, which is logical, given the cost of the device at the start of sales.

Neffos C9 Max


Neffos C9 Max is an inexpensive but elegant smartphone of the initial price segment with the necessary and sufficient functionality to solve everyday as well as all kinds of office tasks. In the portfolio of new items there are no powerful features, stellar or trending technologies. She does not have enough stars from the sky, and at the same time she is a workhorse for undemanding mobile users and various instant messengers, which will provide work all day without recharging.

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