Review of the Samsung S20 Ultra: design, camera, price, features, etc.

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Among the three new Samsung flagships presented on February 11 at Unpacked 2020 is the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The two younger brothers, the Galaxy S20 and S20+ have little difference between them, but the older model has received its ultimatized console for a reason. Galaxy S20 Ultra really turned out to be the most in all respects.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra…

All three new smartphones from Samsung 2020 have different sizes. And if the S20 and S20+ still quite correspond to the average size of the flagship competitors, the Galaxy S20 Ultra came out really large and weighty. The device turned out to be about a centimeter larger than the Galaxy S10+ and half a centimeter bigger than its predecessor, the S20+. The larger diagonal also required a small increase in width.

However, the Galaxy S20 Ultra was a little bit bigger than the 6.8-inch Note 10 Plus or 6.7-inch S10 5G.

The 6.9-inch screen is the largest of all Samsung smartphones. It’s not a giant device, but you can expect to operate it with a second hand. It’s also a good thing the display covers almost the entire face. It’s got a camera in the middle of it from the top.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The shape of the new line is the same, generally repeating last year’s design – a pair of glasses with Gorilla Glass 6 protection with a metal frame between them. The corners of the device are rounded, as are the side edges. The rear camera unit was moved from the center to the upper left corner. Looks like it is not a tractor scary in life – save the overall size of the device.

The right edge (relative to the display) is given to the swing of the volume and the power button. There is no room for a Bixby assistant hardware button. Such a logical layout for the Galaxy line is a novelty and will require getting used to. The case is equipped with stereo speakers, the slot for SIM-cards was on top. It’s also where you can place a memory card instead of one of the SIM cards.

The audio connector of the flagman has been lost, it is supposed to connect headphones via Bluetooth or the existing USB Type C port. Three microphones provide noise reduction: the top and bottom edge and near the cameras.

Colors Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

If the younger models are presented in three colors, the more solid S20 Ultra received only two versions of the color: gray and black.

The logic of this solution is clear – the device is designed for the category of people who prefer classic colors to playful pink or blue.

Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is provided by IP68 standard – with a smartphone you can swim in fresh water in depths up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, however, the manufacturer does not recommend dropping the phone in sea water or in the pool.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra display

The screen diagonal of the largest representative in the series is 6.9 inches. The display resolution is 3200 × 1440 pixels and the aspect ratio is 20:9. You can also set the battery resolution to HD+ or FullHD+ in a more gentle way using the setup menu.

The screen that occupies almost the entire front panel is based on Dynamic SuperAMOLED and HDR 10+ technologies. The eye for the front camera is small, it is placed at the top, in the middle of the screen. Color reproduction of the S20 Ultra is almost a reference, it is difficult to talk about quality change from its predecessor – the S10 with the quality of the screen and color reproduction did not have problems.

A new feature of the device is the screen operation with 120 Hertz refresh rate. This makes flips smoother, as does animation. But even with the S20 Ultra, you can work in this mode with limitations, in resolution not exceeding FullHD. Samsung also announced a 240Hz touch layer in its flagship model, making the screen even more responsive.

Performance and memory of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+

The new 64-bit 8-core Exynos 990 processor from Samsung is intended to provide maximum performance of the device created by a 7-nanometer technical process. The operating frequency of some cores reaches 2.73 GHz. We should expect the appearance of Snapdragon 865 in versions for some markets. There is no point in comparing Samsung’s development with its competitors’ analogues – the difference in speed will not be visible to the eye.

RAM capacity is solid – 12 GB and 16 GB of LPDDR5 standard in the maximum variant.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras

The camera capabilities of this smartphone are clearly different from the two junior members of the series. Even the front camera received 40 megapixels resolution. Despite the reduction of the pixel size to 0.7 µm, Tetra Binning technology allows you to combine them, increasing their size to 1.4 µm with a drop in resolution to 10 MP. In this way the frame can be captured with the same resolution as the previous ones, but with noticeably better detail, which is important for night time shooting.

In the block of main cameras there is a wide angle sensor with 108 MP resolution and 0.8 µm pixel size. In case of lack of illumination pixels are automatically grouped into one big one by 2.4 μm. The aperture has a fixed f/1.8 value. Optical stabilization has not gone anywhere either.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+.

The ultra-wide-angle camera received 12 MP resolution and the TV – 48 MP. It has also received optical stabilization and can increase the flesh pixel size to 1.6 µm. This lens received a hybrid 10x optical zoom and 100x digital. This is a possibility the company itself called space.

Demonstration of 10x zoom in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:

The fourth module is a depth sensor, which allows a better blurring of the background in portrait mode.

Samsung is proud to announce that its flagships are the first in the world to capture 8K resolution video. With a frame rate of 24 frames per second, any frame can be saved as a clear 33-megapixel photo. It is possible to shoot simultaneously with three rear cameras (Multi Frame Mode) and Artificial Intelligence will offer to choose the best option.

Other innovations of Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+

Quick Share. The equivalent of AirDrop on Apple devices. Quick Share allows you to share content with up to 5 people at the same time without having to use a Bluetooth connection.

Quick Share in Samsung Galaxy

Support for 5G. Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G network, making it possible to achieve unprecedented download speeds. At the same time the smartphone works with a variety of 5G – sub-6 and mmWave. The actual download speed can reach 1.4 Gbit / s. Due to the increased capacity of the battery to work in 5G networks smartphone S20 Ultra can be quite long.

  • 3D scanner. Allows you to turn objects into 3D animation.
  • Quick Measure. A camera that can measure distance.
  • Ultra slow shooting. Allows you to shoot at 960 frames per second.

Multiframe. Mode “Multiframe” will shoot video, and with the help of artificial intelligence will offer some of the most successful photos and videos.

Set Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (which is in the box) Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+ kit (what’s in the box)

The Samsung S20 Ultra box is made of recycled materials. The device itself comes with a protective film on the screen. The box is equipped with a 25 W power supply, a Type-C USB cable, a wired AKG headset with a Type-C connector, replaceable ear cushions and a paper clip to remove the SIM card.

Price for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The older model in the flagship range – this can explain any high cost of the device. The competitors of the Galaxy S20 Ultra will have a hard time repeating such an impressive set of features. The cost of the device is 99,990 rubles. Break with brothers in the series was impressive, and last year’s top model Galaxy S10 + was much less. Samsung even more raises both the bar of quality, and the cost of its best smartphone.

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