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The new vivo NEX 3 flagship looks like a wave-wrapped piece of obsidian or an obelisk from Space Odyssey 2001 – no protruding parts on a smooth glass case. But inside the gadget with a 6.89-inch curved screen, the new Qualcomm processor, a lot of memory, a capacious battery and a triple main camera are hidden. What else will surprise this model?

vivo NEX 3

Glass case with a “waterfall” screen

The case of vivo NEX 3 has elongated proportions, it is large and weighty, but at the same time so smooth and slippery that you want to immediately put on top the cover from the delivery. This is reasonable, because it will be a shame if the smartphone is on the floor on the first day of use. The 6.89-inch display with the brand name Waterfall FullView bends so that it almost completely covers the side faces of the case. Thanks to these bends, side illumination is implemented, which can accompany listening to music or serve to indicate incoming calls.

A screen with FHD + resolution was created using POLED technology and with standard settings displays colors correctly, but only if you do not reject it strongly, then a light greenish tint appears. The brightness margin is such that only 20-30% is enough in the room, and the maximum level will provide comfort even in sunny weather. There is a vision protection mode with a blue filter.

vivo NEX 3

It’s not a shame for cameras

The main camera is equipped with three photomodules. They are located on a round panel with a focus sensor, and a little lower is an LED flash.

The main module of the main camera is equipped with a fast lens (f / 1.8) and a sensor with a resolution of 64 megapixels. Such high resolution is used to improve image quality by combining information from four sensor pixels in one on recorded 16-megapixel photos. The second and third modules are equipped with 13-megapixel sensors. One of them has an ultra-wide-angle lens (0.6x) with aperture of f / 2.2, and the other has a telephoto lens (2x) with aperture of f / 2.48. In addition to the standard zoom values of 0.6x, 1x and 2x, which are switched by an on-screen button, a 20x digital zoom is also available. As you can see, images from all photomodules have approximately the same image quality, although the main one at 1x still produces a slightly clearer picture.

Daytime ultra wide angle shot
No zoom day shot (1x)
2x zoom day shot
Ultra Wide Angle Night Shot
No shot night shot (1x)
2x zoom night shot

The plot auto-detection function helps improve image quality – it selects the optimal settings.

Clouds and smoke turned out to be voluminous, but you can notice unnatural color shades
High definition and rich colors in bright halogen lighting
The correct white balance, despite the predominance of neon lighting
In the photo, the picture looks darker than it should
Oversize gives the same sharp image as the main sensor
The telemodule shoots well with double zoom

In contrasting lighting, HDR is very useful, and in low light, the nightly storyline program. The smartphone is able to activate both of these modes independently, so that the owner of the device has the opportunity to fully concentrate on the plot.

Flawless exposure
Saturated colors, minimal noise
The lens holds light well
Sometimes, for a double zoom, the automation uses a fast lens
The program “Night Scene” worked well in highly lit areas
Strong floodlights do not blind
Correctly transmitted color and warm and cold lighting

An example of a movie in Full HD with image stabilization

So the video is written in 4K

Extendable selfie camera

The innovative retractable front camera delivers 16-megapixel shots. It is equipped with a wide-angle lens with a very high aperture of f / 2.02. The front camera offers various filters for tinting a picture and applying light effects, as well as 13 functions for creating self-portraits. In addition, Hyper-HDR technology with a dynamic range of up to 7.65 exposure levels is claimed for portrait shooting.

vivo NEX 3
Even in an apartment, photos come out clear and with the right color

Original and responsive interface

NEX 3 has no protruding elements on the case. The power button is made in the form of a narrow strip with a relief notch, and the volume keys located above and below it are marked only with translucent icons on the bent part of the screen. By default, they are pressed with decent effort and respond with a small click, which creates the X-axis Touch Sense vibration motor. In the settings there is an adjustment of the sensitivity of the buttons with five gradations.

To wake up the device, it is convenient to use the fingerprint sensor built into the display. In addition to it, the face recognition system also provides unlocking. On-screen control is as smooth as possible in any tasks, the smartphone instantly and accurately responds to all touches.

vivo NEX 3

Top performance

Flagship ambitions vivo NEX 3 supports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, manufactured using the 7-nanometer process technology, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB UFS 3.0 flash memory. Due to this equipment, the smartphone is in the group of leaders in ratings of such popular benchmarks as AnTuTu and Geekbench 5. Tanks can be played with a bit rate of 61 fps at the maximum graphics settings. There is no need to talk about any slowdowns in the interface or routine applications.

There is also a good audio path, it uses a dedicated AK4377A audio chip. It easily copes with the buildup of professional headphones, giving out a wide range of frequencies and maintaining a small margin of power: for comfortable listening to music, a volume level of about 80-90% is required.

vivo NEX 3

It works for a long time and quickly charges

The gadget has a capacious battery – 4500 mAh. The vivo FlashCharge fast charging technology, coupled with an adapter that has three modes, helps to swiftly recharge its charge, coupled with three modes: 5 V at 2 A, 9 V at 2 A and 10 V at 2.25 A. That is, the maximum power reaches 22.5 W. On average, the charging speed is 1.65% per minute, therefore, in 20 minutes you can raise the level, say, from 40% to 73%. But from 90% to 100%, the battery charges in half an hour – a standard situation.

The battery charge is very economical. So, video in Full HD from the smartphone’s memory at 50% brightness spins for almost 23 hours. The PCMark benchmark with the same brightness and synthetic integrated load gives a forecast for 14 hours and 10 minutes of operation. Very impressive!

vivo NEX 3

Specifications vivo NEX 3

6.89 “, POLED Waterfall FullView, FHD + (2256×1080)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus CPU, 2.84 GHz
GPU Adreno 640
8 GB
128 GB
main – 64 megapixels (f / 1.8) + 16 megapixels (f / 2.48, telephoto) + 16 megapixels (f / 2.2, super wide)
front – 16 megapixels (f / 2.09)
4500 mAh
POLED-screen Waterfall FullView, the main camera with three modules, a retractable front camera, a dedicated audio chip, a fingerprint scanner built into the display, NFC, a 3.5 mm audio output

Test results

489 155
752 single-core
2755 multi-core
about 23 hours of video playback
vivo NEX 3


Undoubtedly, the vivo NEX 3 is the flagship worthy of attention, at least because of the unusual 6.89-inch POLED screen. The smartphone is suitable for those who love interesting design solutions and flagship fillings, and is ready to put up with its considerable size, weight and price for the sake of high performance and autonomy.

vivo NEX 3

The advantages of the device include a triple main camera with a 64-megapixel sensor and a 16-megapixel retractable front camera with wide opportunities for beauty and a lot of art filters. Music lovers will like a high-quality audio path with a dedicated audio chip – for serious headphones just right.

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An excellent 64 megapixel camera, three lenses with different focal lengths, optical zoom, many shooting modes. vivo NEX 3 – a real find for fans to shoot on a smartphone.


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