Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite review: flagship diet

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The Galaxy Note line is good for everyone except the price tag. For flagship technology you have to pay the full program. However, Samsung recently released a simplified version of the Galaxy Note10 Lite. Now it is not necessary to get into a loan or go to the “secondary” to evaluate the S-Pen and other features of the famous series.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

What is the difference?

In front, the novelty resembles Note10 +, the oldest device in the line that we talked about . The differences lie in the display itself – it is flat, with a similar diagonal it has a noticeably lower resolution. In addition, a traditional speaker grill is located above the opening of the selfie camera, while the Galaxy Note10 + sound passes directly through the screen.

The differences between the models are more noticeable from the back: the Lite-device has a different camera block. It is interesting that in some reviews the back panel of the Galaxy Note10 Lite is called glass, but to the touch it is completely different, and the smartphone weighs less than you expect. The secret is simple: it is plastic, only stylized as glass. Samsung calls it 3D Glasstic, artfully combining two names into one. You can hardly distinguish it from glass until you pick up the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

Other differences are not so noticeable at first glance, but important. The processor of the smartphone last year, familiar from Galaxy Note9. But the resolution of the front camera is even higher than that of the top models: in front of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite installed a 32 megapixel module. It’s nice that they returned the audio jack to their rightful place. However, future owners of “light” will have to come to terms with the lack of certified moisture protection. The electronic pen S-Pen retained most of the advanced functions, but the ability to control gestures in the air was removed from here.

The screen is large but simpler

The diagonal of the display of the novelty is an impressive 6.7 inches. It is made using Super AMOLED technology and covered with a fifth generation Gorilla Glass protective glass. At the first acquaintance, you note a good oleophobic coating: the finger easily glides along the front panel, the prints are removed without difficulty. At the same time, the screen itself is flat, without newfangled curved edges. It will be easier to pick up and stick a protective glass.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

The cutout for the selfie camera is located in the middle, as on the more expensive versions of the Galaxy Note10. Compared to the S-series, where the hole is offset sideways, this solution is more striking. But after a few days you get used to it.

A significant difference between the Lite-device from the Galaxy Note10 + was the screen resolution with a similar diagonal. It is 1080 × 2400 pixels; for a 6.7-inch display, such a figure is already not enough. Pixels are not striking, but there is no particular sharpness of the image.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

But they didn’t save on the on-screen fingerprint scanner: it is in place and functions perfectly, finger recognition accuracy is high. There is already already familiar Always On Display. On a locked screen displays information like time, calendar and notifications from instant messengers. The brightness and runtime of this chip can be set in the settings.

What can a stylus do?

The electronic pen S-Pen is the proprietary trump card of the Galaxy Note series, for which many people prefer it rather than the S-line. The Light was equipped with a stylus with an improved battery that charges in less than a minute. The pen is removed by a click; by chance it does not fall out of the groove. At the same time, the color of the S-Pen and the smartphone does not match – at least in our modification.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

The stylus understands over 4 thousand degrees of depression and different tilt angles, so it is well suited for drawing. The PENUP program has video lessons of varying degrees of difficulty – you can try yourself as an artist. Or just paint a picture, waiting in line at the clinic.

Among the other advantages of S-Pen – instant translation of words from one language to another, remote control of the camera or a number of regular applications, as well as the creation of convenient notes by hand. Using the pen, you can unlock the phone or take a screenshot of the screen. S-Pen is also convenient for interacting with PDF files and text: the desired area is easy to select, cut and then save separately. For those who have to work with documentation even on a smartphone, the functions of an electronic pen will appeal to you.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

We evaluate photo opportunities

Three modules were placed in the main camera unit. All have the same resolution (12 megapixels), but their purpose is different. The first sensor received an aperture of f / 1.7, optical stabilization and a viewing angle of 77 °. The TV module is designed for portrait shooting and zoom. A wide-angle lens boasts a 123-degree viewing angle and aperture of f / 2.2. The front camera is represented by a 32 megapixel module with an f / 2.2 aperture, there is no autofocus.

In terms of overall quality of shooting, the gadget does not reach the top versions of the Galaxy Note10, however, it still demonstrates high sharpness and detail in good lighting conditions. With complex light, the situation worsens, but not critically, and in the dark, the night mode helps. The noise canceling work sometimes becomes a cause for criticism – this is especially noticeable on the front camera, where the result does not look at all 32 megapixels.

Example shot indoors. Not the easiest conditions: natural light from a window mixes with warm artificial light from lamps
Sometimes the automation of the smartphone does not work well. The frame turned out slightly darker than necessary, the details in the shadows are lost
Outside in daylight, everything is fine. Correct color reproduction, sufficient sharpness, AI-algorithms do not distort shades to please the frame
Another example of street photography. The hue of the building is saturated, but not excessive, and the detail is in perfect order
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite did a good job with cloudy weather and moving subjects
For shooting with blurring the background, the “Live Focus” mode is used. The camera at the same time switches to a telephoto lens by default
An example of a street photo with blurring the background and the area of sharpness on the “patch”. The boundaries of the front object are correctly defined, and the colors correspond to real
The intensity of the blur can be changed both during shooting and after it, through the settings of the picture. This is how the blur using the zoom looks
Live Focus is also available for wide-angle lenses. You can also experiment with background effects through the built-in editor.
Taken in the “Food” mode. The color rendition is orange, like a camel from a children’s song. Use the function with caution, colors are oversaturated even by Instagram standards
The night mode is activated. The result is impressive: the study of distant objects at a height, there are no highlights on the building. Even the clouds, which were almost indistinguishable by the gaze, appeared in the photo.
Another example of shooting with the “Night” function. Automation glues several frames into one to achieve the best result.
Night mode is also available for wide-angle cameras. Thanks to this, you can get spectacular pictures with a large field of view even in the dark
An example of a selfie with blur. Shadows on the face are not worked out enough, hair partially merges with the background
In the room, the front camera makes you doubt that 32 megapixels work as they should. Part of the face looks plastic, the texture of eyebrows and hair is lost. Perhaps with updates the work of the selfie module will be corrected

From one point of shooting, thanks to cameras with different focal lengths, it is easy to get three unique frames. Moreover, all images will be of decent quality:

Taken from the bridge to the main camera Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite
Double approach allows you to better see what is on the other side of the channel
The same angle, a wide-angle module is used. The sharpness at the edges is reduced, but otherwise the order with detail
Photo taken across the road. The building in the background looks alien
Switching to zoom, crop everything superfluous. The result still looks good
If you want to cover the surrounding area as much as possible, a lens with a viewing angle of 123 ° will come to the rescue

The smartphone records 4K videos at 60 frames per second. Due to the optical stabilization, the video is smooth even when walking, and the rolling shutter is not annoying. There is also a software stabilizer – but it becomes available if the video sequence is limited to 4K with a frequency of 30 fps. So Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite shoots in maximum resolution:

Enough power and memory

The novelty was equipped with an Exynos 9810 processor – owners of the previous generation Galaxy Note are well aware of the capabilities of this chip. Then its power was enough for any tasks, including online battles on the maximum schedule. In 2020, little has changed: it is still a smart chipset with a good margin of performance. In AnTuTu, the device knocks out 330,027 points. Games like World of Tanks run without any problems and delays, and the The Elder Scrolls: Blades occasionally observes non-critical fps subsidence.

The OneUI interface works smoothly and is practically devoid of “garbage” that could slow down the system’s performance. Animations do not slow down, the icons are large, everything is located in intuitive places.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

Another nice bonus from the manufacturer is the support of memory cards. The microSD slot here is not separate, but combined with the SIM tray. But the maximum card size is equal to an impressive 1 TB, so far there is nowhere to increase memory.


The operating time of the smartphone greatly depends on both the type of load and the settings used. “Light” allows you to activate a dark theme to save battery. The energy-saving mode has flexible settings: you can limit the processor frequency and lower the screen brightness.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

Measurements of autonomy were carried out in the standard state of the smartphone, without reducing performance for the sake of the duration of the work. So, an hour of continuous play in Elder Scrolls: Blades at half brightness took 18% of the battery charge. Good results were shown by the test with looped video playback in airplane mode: Galaxy Note10 Lite lasted 19 and a half hours without respite.

The mobile phone came to the review without a complete memory, so it was not possible to test the charging speed with a standard adapter. However, lovers of energizing the smartphone wirelessly should know that such a function is not available here – this is another difference between the Galaxy Note10 Lite and more expensive devices in the line.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite


Super AMOLED, 6.7 ”, 1080 × 2400 (20: 9)
eight-core Samsung Exynos 9810
6 GB
128 GB
4500 mAh
main – 12 megapixels (f / 1.7) + 12 megapixels (f / 2.2, 123 °) + 12 megapixels (f2.4), front – 32 megapixels (f / 2.2)
S-Pen, audio jack, sub-screen fingerprint scanner, memory card support

Test results

single-core 681
multi-core 2112
up to 19.5 hours of video playback
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite


Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite turned out to be an ambiguous device. The idea of releasing a “simpler flagship” is interesting in itself: the possibilities of the S-Pen have become more accessible to the masses. However, the savings are also tangible – this is noticeable when looking at the screen. The front camera is disappointing in quality, there are questions about the software processing of images. By some parameters, the phone is inferior to last year’s Note model. The smartphone is suitable for those who like the size and design of Note10 + and who are willing to neglect part of the functions for the sake of cost.

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