Vivo Y17 review: long-playing giant with NFC

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Model Y17 is designed for a pragmatic audience. For those who are used to squeezing the full potential out of their device. Despite positioning as an inexpensive smartphone with good autonomy, the gadget and other characteristics looks good. We figure out whether everything is so good with the new items.

Vivo Y17

Handsome and powerful

Vivo Y17 can not be called a slender device, but too thick – too. The display glass protrudes slightly above the case. You don’t have to worry about its safety: here we use the not so famous, but more or less reliable Panda King glass. Its strength on the Mohs scale, according to the vendor, is 8 points, which corresponds to the hardness of topaz.

The phone is moderately slippery. The glass mentioned above, more precisely, its protruding edges, helps a more reliable grip. The back panel is made of plastic, under which there is a textured surface with a color gradient that plays beautifully in the light. Material easily soiled, quickly covered with prints. Camera modules protrude slightly from the body. If the phone is facing up, the play on the surface is minimal.

Vivo Y17

Autonomy and performance

Novelty boasts a long battery life. This is facilitated by the low resolution of the display (HD +) and as much as 5000 mAh battery capacity. In a moderate mode of use (social networks, video streaming, photography), the device was discharged to a critical 15% charge only towards the end of the third day.

In the test with cyclic playback of clips, the Vivo Y17 lasted 21 hours with a little – a very decent figure. In “heavy” games, the battery is depleted by about 7-8% per hour (at 50% brightness of the display). World of Tanks at high settings looks tolerable, there are no sharp lags. Even after 20 minutes of tank battles, the corps practically did not heat up. The average frame rate of 35 fps could be better.

Vivo Y17

The overall system optimization is at a good level, the interface is smooth, transitions between screens and applications are smooth. Pleased with the speed of unlocking in the face. For those who do not trust this authentication method, a fingerprint scanner is provided – it does not work with lightning speed, but reliably.

Three cameras

Y17 is positioned as a youth camera phone with advanced photo capabilities. The main module is represented by three lenses: standard, wide-angle and responsible for depth, portrait shots and bokeh effect. The shooting speed is average. You have to get used to the camera software interface, which is not very typical for the Android OS. It is necessary to adapt to the action of autofocus: it does not always work as we would like.

Vivo Y17

The rear camera shoots tolerably, but it is very sensitive to the quality of lighting: the less light, the more noticeable noise in the photo. Night shooting does become extremely difficult at all. The wide-angle lens helps to fit more information into the frame, however, the sensor itself slightly degrades the detail, this is noticeable even when viewing from the phone. As for the third camera, it often too aggressively obscures the background. The situation with the front is a little better – here the bokeh is more successful, and the resolution is greater. Selfie lovers will get decent portraits, not to mention a set of filters and beauty.

Main lens, HDR in auto mode, slightly darkened frame
The same shot, but on a wide-angle camera. The light is closer to reality, the blemishes of detail on the grass are visible
Sunset sun, HDR off. Good contrast in light and shadow
Daylight on the right, good detail, the background is darkened
A daytime shot without the sun, four-plus color rendition
The incandescent lamp is out of focus, although there is enough lighting
Night, subdued artificial light, artifacts and noise are visible

The video gadget records with a maximum resolution of 1080p, but the quality does not cause delight.

Not a single cutout

Display Vivo Y17 pleases with brightness. In practice, its maximum value is even redundant, the level is 50-60%. Calibration by color temperature is close to neutral, it is easy to adjust this parameter to taste. The frames around the screen are not at all thin, however, the ratio of the size of the display to the body of the device is 89% – not the worst result. Not without its nagging trends: the cutout in the upper part hides the front camera lens, infrared sensor and light sensor. It is impossible to hide the “drop” programmatically, which is understandable in the context of the IPS panel – it will not work the same black, the fill will be noticeable anyway.

The smartphone has a headphone jack. The volume of the regular speaker is not bad, but the sound quality and frequency characteristics leave much to be desired. There is no stereo effect. But the device was equipped with an NFC chip, which is rarely seen in a Chinese mid-range mobile phone. Recording transport cards, pairing the headset and paying work without problems.

Vivo Y17

The proprietary Funtouch OS 9.0 shell gradually comes to a more standardized look, but it still has reminders of the Chinese roots of the smartphone. What is one panel of the notification center, stretching from the bottom and elusively similar to what we saw in the models of one well-known company. In some places they were a little too clever with the settings, hiding many options in one menu item. The rest of the shell is adequate.


6.35 “, IPS LCD, 19.3: 9, 720×1544, 268 ppi
CPU MediaTek MT6765 Helio P35 (12 nm)
GPU PowerVR Rogue GE8320
4 GB
64 GB + memory card
13 megapixels (main module) + 8 megapixels (telephoto lens) + 2 megapixels (bokeh)
20 megapixels
5000 mAh
NFC, quick charge, face unlock, Funtouch OS shell
Vivo Y17 on DevDB

Test results

88 716
12 907 Ice Storm
8772 Ice Storm Extreme
800 SlingShot
903 single-core
4414 multi-core
5804 Work 2.0
up to 21 hours in video loop playback mode
up to 11 hours at World of Tanks


New Vivo will appeal to lovers of gadgets with good autonomy. According to the technical characteristics, the Y17 is a little out of the range of mid-range devices thanks to NFC and a triple camera. There are questions about the quality of night shooting on the main photomodule, but the front camera functions quite well.

Vivo Y17

The large and juicy display evokes pleasant emotions; the brightness margin is such that the screen does not fade in the sun. The phone’s performance is enough for comfortable work in everyday tasks, the shell does not have critical lags. The interface takes some time to master the individual elements, but Vivo is steadily moving towards abandoning illogical solutions that get out of the Android ecosystem.

On June 8, at the start of sales of Vivo Y17, in the M.Video stores in Aviapark shopping center and Eldorado in MEGA Belaya Dacha, the device can be purchased at a 40 percent discount – for 9,590 rubles.


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