Huawei P40 Lite Declared : The first representative of the new flagship product line

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While Huawei P40 and P40 Pro are just getting ready for release, P40 Lite is already a reality.

Huawei is actively working on its next-generation flagships – the P40 and P40 Pro will be at least as far above the current P30 and P30 Pro in terms of camera parts. But so far, these smartphones are a distant prospect, but the younger model in the lineup, the P40 Lite, has already been declassified.

The Huawei P40 Lite has been declassified – the first representative of the new flagship lineup.
Opened a veil of mystery, as is the case recently, an insider on Twitter. It should be noted that this informant specializes in leaks relative to Huawei devices and is almost always accurate in published data, so there is no reason not to trust him. So, according to the insider, Huawei P40 Lite is nothing but a renamed … Nova 6 SE. This model was introduced six days ago along with Nova 6 and Nova 6 5G. Thus, we can say that the P40 Lite is completely declassified.

This model stands out by its design in the spirit of the iPhone 11 Pro, but not three, but four modules. The resolution of sensors – 48, 8, 2 and 2 MP. Hardware platform – Kirin 810, the volume of operational and built-in flash memory – 8 and 128 GB, respectively. There is a 6.4 inch screen with a cutting-edge front camera, 4200 mAh battery, support for fast charging with 40 Watts.

In China Nova 6 SE costs just over $310, for the P40 Lite will ask the same amount. It is expected that the only difference between Huawei P40 Lite and Huawei Nova 6 SE will be the color scheme

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