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    Samsung Galaxy S11 highlights exposure: the world’s first ultra-thin screen fingerprint

    Nowadays, “screen fingerprint” has become the standard for mid-to-high-end mobile phones. Many mobile phones will use the screen fingerprint recognition as a selling point of a mobile phone. However, there is still much room for improvement in this technology. For example, some manufacturers are making thinner fingerprint recognition modules and saving the internal space of mobile […] More

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    [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S11 will have no surprises! No Inovation

    The Galaxy S11 series will not be released until 9 months later, but this does not affect the emergence of new rumors. According to the latest news, Samsung’s next-generation flagship will not have a big design update that everyone hopes. However, it is not necessarily absolute, after all, it is still early to release from S11. Possible […] More

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    Galaxy S11 Specs (Rumor)

    Recently, there are reports that Samsung will upgrade its new camera to the Galaxy S11, which will be released in early 2020. Even so, Note 10 will still be much better than Note 9 of last year. It is assumed that Samsung will equip the Note10 series with at least three rear cameras and provide most or […] More