Air attacks begin with the new PUBG tool!

PUBG, which is one of the leading Battle Royale games , aims to connect users with the updates it receives. Weapons and vehicles are published with updates. Among the PUBG vehicles now seems to be adding a helicopter. The information came from a YouTube channel. PUBG is enriched with helicopters for players to carry out air strikes. Of course, this is for the mobile version.

As you know PUBG vehicles can go on water and land. However, there was no vehicle in the air. This problem is solved together with the PUBG helicopter . Players will be able to attack from the air with the added helicopter. In a video broadcast on Mr Ghost Gaming, a helicopter stands out in the Schrool area of the Erangel map. The entire team appears to be advancing on a Boeing AH-6 helicopter.

Among the vehicles to be added to the game is a combat vehicle. There is no weapon in the vehicle with high resistance to guns, but it is remarkable that it can be driven on land and in water. At the same time, missile launcher, grenade launcher and a heavy RPG-style weapon will be added to the game.

The new updates are included in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile in the beta update.

We can say that these innovations can be distributed globally in the future.

Written by kaptan


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