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AMD accidentally released Radeon Boost

AMD has made significant progress in the drive field in recent years, and AMD is apparently working on a new feature.

AMD is going to change the naming of its drive every year, which regularly brings important features. The visual posted on the company’s driver’s home page may contain clues to the next driver.

It appears that AMD’s new year’s drive will be referred to as the Adrenaline 2020 Edition . With the Radeon Boost feature, new software can improve the gaming experience of current AMD graphics users.

If not present clear information about the Radeon Booster 3 years ago the company purchased the property hialgo chillin i thought that the Radeon use as Chilli can say it will be available again hialgo Booster.

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The software reduces the resolution when the player’s camera angle changes and returns the resolution to normal levels in passive scenes, thus providing a balance between responsiveness and fluency. We will continue to share developments with you in the coming days.

AMD Adrenalin 2020 Edition teased with “Radeon Boost” technology



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