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AMD may not be able to increase core soon

AMD, which continues to accelerate with Zen architecture, may not increase the number of cores in the short term.

With the first Ryzen models launched in 2017, AMD has brought a new excitement to the hardware world, surpassing the core configuration that Intel hasn’t been able to go beyond 4/8 in many years. With the Zen 2 architecture, the end-user segment is introduced to Intel’s workstations with a 16-core and 32-core model, but the company will apparently wait for a while to mature.

In an interview with Mark Papermaster, AMD sees no obstacles to the number of cores. Nevertheless, Papermaster pointed out that it would take some time for the balance between the two to take advantage of the added cores, noting that the software wing must mature. This seems to be the case at least on Zen 3.

He also said that frequency increases are not as important as they once were, emphasizing the need to bring performance improvement in a more effective way. Accordingly, increases in the number of cores and I / O bandwidth are seen as key points.

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Finally, Papermaster answered the question of 4 monitors per core, which has been circulating in the hardware world for some time, reminding that some users are already using their CPUs with SMT closed . The same software world as well as the increase in the number of cores to use the software more theme yet seems to have a bit more time for SMT 4 due to the minority.



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