Apple takes an important step for iPhone cameras

Although the Apple iPhone 11 family has been able to improve the camera well, the camera overhangs many users. Apple plans to refine this ledge for iPhone cameras with his camera patents.

Smartphone photography is gaining popularity, especially with advances in Apple , Google and Huawei ‘s flagship devices. Apple’s iPhone 11 series, the point reached by many people surprised the camera, while the increase in the output of the cameras upset users.

Although the camera features of the new devices have improved considerably, they may also adversely affect the design at some point. In this case, Apple, with new camera patents began to calculate how much can hide the camera.

Today occurring three and five membered refracting lens’ and ‘folded lens system called’ introduces new patents for the projected face of a prism lens of day. Thanks to this new prism system, the cameras will not have to be placed directly on the back of the phone.

The lenses can be positioned as in the patent, increasing the distance between the sensor and the lenses while reducing the size of the camera shake supported by all necessary equipment, including optical image stabilization and auto focusing devices.

The three-element installation will provide a field of view of between 80 mm to 200 mm focal length (35 mm equivalent) and 18 to 28 degrees . This is also ideal for a telephoto camera . The five-element installation will have a focal length of 50 mm to 85 mm . It can also be used as a standard wide camera with a focus of 28 to 41 degrees .

As already mentioned, other companies are already using side-by-side or bottom-mounted camera installations. However, Apple wants to get clear images on standard and telephoto cameras, especially for remote zoom applications. After using the system in this patent, the company is expected to place the cameras on the device without protrusion. However, as with every patent, it is unclear when and to which device it will be used.

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