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Australian Radiation Protection Agency unveiled: Is 5G technology harmful to health?

The Australian Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety has tested the 5G technology, which is claimed by many to have harmful effects on health.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has found no evidence that 5G technology is harmful to human health.

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Scientists at ARPANSA announced a test on people with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity syndrome. It was noted that none of these people who were unwittingly entered into a room with strong electromagnetic radiation during the study could detect whether there was radiation in the room and was therefore unaffected , but this was also a placebo control test.

Ken Karipidis , the leader of the research team, pointed out that the symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity actually exist, saying that the damage to hypersensitivity to human health has not been scientifically proven, and said: ” It is very difficult to change the mindset of people who are afraid of vaccination and think that the Earth is flat. ” Although research has not yet demonstrated a poor health impact of 5G, it is beyond doubt that this issue will be discussed for a long time .



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