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Boss's guitar amplifier headset: Waza-Air

Boss introduces Waza-Air, a wireless headphone with amplifier that allows you to play guitar without disturbing the residents and neighbors. Headphones on sale with a $ 400 price tag.

Boss, the music equipment manufacturer, removed the need for wired connections with the wireless guitar amp Katana Air , which he launched last year. The company also managed to fit the guitar amplifier technology into a pair of wireless headphones.

The company listened to the sound of musicians working at home and said that a standard headset connected to a normal amplifier could not deliver the sound the guitarists wanted. Boss, Waza-Air called the headphones on the other hand, musicians can get without disturbing the “in-room amplifier sound, ifade he said.

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The company says that the Tone Studio mobile application can customize the tone and controls of headphones and katana series amplifiers. With a total of five amplifier types with more than 50 effects, the headset can store your favorite installations and, if desired, can be recalled via the buttons on the headset.

Thanks to the gyroscope, the headset monitors the musician’s head movements and offers an extraordinary spatial and realistic sound experience thanks to its three-dimensional algorithms. Headphone; There are three customized modes called Environmental, Static and Scene . Surrounded by a virtual room, the peripheral mode gives the guitar player the feeling of playing in the studio. The static mode adjusts the room amp and room volume continuously according to the musician’s head movements. Finally, with the scene mode, the guitar player accompanies the backing track via Bluetooth (recording the instrument or vocals from an original song so that the musician can play the song alone), while the amplifier sound comes from behind.

The 50-mm headset comes with a three-hour charge followed by five hours of use and a $ 400 price tag. Further details about the headset can be found here.



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