Could the US and Huawei crisis end?

Huawei was charged with tensions between the US and China , and the US imposed heavy sanctions on the Chinese technology company. Huawei , who lost its license to access Google Play Store services on their smart phones after the crisis, defied the US by creating its own operating system. Confusing many Huawei users, this development did not include their old smartphone, but their smartphone after the incident. The recently introduced Huawei Mate 30 series did not have any Google services.

After the crises, the New York Times published a review and discussed the issue. When everything is evaluated together, it is stated that a green light has been given for Huawei from the US administration and the blacklisting situation has been slightly alleviated. Huawei was able to take advantage of part of the US supply chain. However, even though Huawei spent $ 11 billion in 2018, the Mate 30 has to use an open source version for its applications.

Thanks to this store called Huawei ‘s App Gallery , it can provide users with a similar service offered by Google . However, it is important to remember that applications provided with these open source code can be dangerous and may prevent applications from working well.

The NYT report also includes a decision by US President Donald Trump . At a meeting held last week, Trump says he gave the green light to US companies to start shipping products to Huawei. This may still mean nothing, but decisions can be extended to other areas. We recently heard that Trump management has taken steps to strengthen US-based companies such as Cisco and Oracle against Huawei. But these companies rejected these demands. In other words, US companies are also regrettable against Trump’s decision.

It is said that some products that are not US products, although banned, are sent to the company in China. The White House administration has, of course, developed other plans. Under these plans, the US is expected to raise funds for Nokia and Ericsson companies. Trump, which plans to make improvements in network equipment, puts Nokia and Ericsson companies across China, hoping that users will move away from Huawei.

Considering these developments, do you think that the US and Huawei crisis might end ?

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