Galaxy Note 10 Plus has been broken into pieces! Is it difficult to repair?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 models pre-order users, as of today (August 23) in many countries began to receive their devices. Of course, the repairability of the models such as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is wondering.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G was the guest of the iFixit team, which dismantled the devices and determined repairability points. Since there is no difference other than a 5G modem, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is not a problem.

Disassembling Samsung’s flagship is started by heating the back cover in a similar way to many smartphones on the market today. After heating the back cover for a while, you can open it by forcing it from the sides with a piece like pena.

When the back cover is removed, all equipment is displayed. However, it is necessary to remove the protective plastic on the motherboard to access the parts. Generally speaking, it is not easy to remove the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Strong adhesives are used to provide a water- and dust-resistant structure. For this reason, all the accessories from the back cover to the battery use very strong adhesives. iFixit rated the repairability of the device as 3 out of 10 .

That is, unlike an iPhone, Samsung’s new flagship is repaired by non-professional users / batteries, etc. it is very difficult to change.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Antutu & Specs : 357.218

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Antutu & Specs : 359.861

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G Antutu & Specs : 367.901

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