Google took new step to charge on Android devices

One of the biggest problems of today’s smartphones is the charge time and battery performance. Google may require the USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) standard for manufacturers using USB Type-C. Authorities who have refrained from making definitive statements yet have stated that they are engaged in such a study.

Many phone manufacturers have their own quick charging solution. Qualcomm ‘s Quick Charge 3 standard is frequently used by companies. However, some companies do not provide fast charging, even though they do produce a USB Type-C phone. This can cause users to become victims of charging. Google, Android 10 operating system, manufacturers will work to use the USB-PD standard announced.

In 2019 , Type-C usage increased compared to other years. Unfortunately, in many respects, companies chose to come up with different solutions. Failure to establish a common standard by companies causes users to become victims. Some users who have to carry separate chargers and cables for different brands of devices can change their device preferences.

Underlining that users are dissatisfied with this issue, Google believes that the use of their own USB-PD standard will be beneficial for both users and manufacturers. Many smartphone users have added fast charging support to their shopping preferences.

As the current flagship phones have become more pleasing to the end user in terms of processing speed and gaming performance, charging has become the preferred choice. With the USB-PD 3.0 version, it can deliver 45W of power. This value will allow flagship phones to charge 100% in a very short time.

Google, wants to be used in the standard thanks to the smartphone overcurrent draw, the charger can protect the device in case of any negative situations such as failure, he said. This feature is present in almost all of today’s phones, but unfortunately it is not known whether this feature works stably because the brands develop different solutions.

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