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Mediatrend October issue with you. The new issue of the technology life magazine, prepared by ShiftDelete.Net every month, took its place in the store. So, what issues await you in October?

Technology enthusiasts, technology, e-magazine Issue of October Mediatrend attracted to the center of his life. Mediatrend is distributed free of charge every month in MediaMarkt stores and dozens of new articles and content are waiting for you in the free e-magazine version.

Mediatrend magazine has been printed in MediaMarkt stores, digitally and with you. Also Mediatrend ‘I can read Newsstand via Turkcell and sites.

Mediatrend October issue with you again. Nowadays, when the summer heat is over, an intense technology wind is blowing. We are also focusing on all technological developments this month. IFA 2019, where the heart of technology beats, is of course our main topic. In this issue, we look closely at all the developments in IFA 2019 . In a way, we can say that we are going for a short tour of Berlin with you. In addition, interesting topics await you in our corners such as living at home, living in the kitchen and the world of computers.

The heart of technology has beaten at IFA 2019 , but there have also been significant improvements. We talk about these developments in our mobile life corner. So, what are these developments? Apple introduced the latest iPhone models. The launch was answered by the Mate 30 family from the Huawei front. We have explained both the iPhone 11 family and the Mate 30 family for you in this issue. What new features have i introduced in the Phone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max ? Huawei whose relationship with the United States took the decision as to what the new model? In our new issue you will find answers to all these questions.

When we look at the IFA 2019 wind, we can say that the event was marked by 5G technology. But what other technologies have been introduced? How do we interpret the body show of technology giants? Which smartphones have marked IFA 2019? These questions find answers in our main topic. All the details of the fair, from Samsung to Huawei to Nokia, are on the Mediatrend pages in October.

IFA wind is blowing in our living corner in the kitchen . At IFA, many technology giants exhibited their kitchen solutions. We take a closer look at these technologies that will make our lives easier in our new issue. On the other hand, we are preparing for winter meals with the pressure of the pressure cooker.

In our objective corner, he continues to share important information about photography with you. The new iPhone models have been widely talked about with camera features. We put these remarkable camera capabilities on the table in our lens corner. In this issue, we explain the ToF camera, which we have often heard recently. What does the ToF camera do? The answer is waiting for you in the pages.

The October 2019 issue of our magazine does not seem to end with narration. We’re looking at how Intel Project Athena, one of the most affordable notebook models for education in the computing world, will replace computers. On the other hand, while traveling on the mysterious world of Lucifer , what PES 2020 brings is waiting for you in this issue.

You will understand that the new month is full of pages waiting for you again.

Now, if you’re ready, take your tea and coffee and let yourself be sown.

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