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How to Use Google Earth in Turkey? (Android – iOS)

We tell you how you can use the Google Earth service, which has been banned in our country for a long time, on Android and iOS platforms. How is banned Google Earth download legally? Come and see us together.

One of the best services Google offers to its users is Google Earth. A service where people who have not been abroad before can travel the world in seconds. If you want, you can visit Alcatraz Island in America with satellite imagery, or take a short walk at the Great Wall of China . These and more are possible with Google Earth Pro .

Google Earth is not available for download from Turkey, as you know. We can reach the application which cannot be presented to the users in our country by Google itself with some methods offered by Google. Today, we’re telling you how to access both Android and iOS versions of Google Earth.

google earth

When Google Earth first appeared, it was actually working as a computer application. PC users could set up in Turkey this application to the Windows or Mac operating systems. Google then terminated the app service and began offering Earth through Chrome only. Immediately after that, Google Earth mobile applications debuted. However, this practice was open access in many countries, including Turkey.

When there is no clear explanation for mobile applications will open access in Turkey. So if there are users who want to reach the application, they came to the right place. You will be able to download Google Earth from Play Store and AppStore.

google earth android

Turkey in Google Earth or other applications do not have access to change the country’s only way out of the Play Store to download. Although it seems a bit complicated and long when you write it in items, it is actually very easy to do. After step-by-step, you can quickly create a new account and disable access like Google Earth Pro   applications.

Google Play Store accounts can only be changed once a year. For this reason, it is very important to follow these steps step by step and not through your main account . However, if you do not see any harm in changing the country of your main account, you can do so directly from your main account without opening a new account.

Let’s say we have done all the operations and installed the application Google Earth mobile application service on our phone. After this, you can switch back to your main account. Applications already have an account even if you change the position because Turkey is now re-installed in your phone, you can continue to use them. This also applies to all inaccessible mobile apps you do this to.

google earth ios

We are creating a new Apple ID in the Apple Store instead of changing the country. You can easily trade with your newly created Apple ID. Google Earth will be installed on your phone or tablet after completing the above steps. So why not create a new Apple ID, not a country change?

If you make a country exchange with your Apple Store account, there is a possibility that your previous purchases with this account will be canceled . Therefore, we use the most reliable method of creating a new Apple ID to eliminate the possibility of cancellation. Since this process is completely legal , there is nothing wrong with you.

Using the methods in this content, you can easily download Google Earth apps that are not accessible to your phone. If you want to install Google Earth Pro on your computer, you can also get support from Google’s official site. Google Earth, which makes the world feel beneath our feet and enables us to travel between continents in seconds, opens again one day.



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