Huawei affordable 5G phone preparation

Huawei recently announced the introduction of smartphone models and X that support 5G connections. The chipset Balong 5000, developed for 5G connections, was the first 5G chip used by Huawei. Now, according to information, Huawei will supply chipsets from MediaTek for affordable 5G phone models.

The 5G chips developed by MediaTek for the use of affordable smartphone models are expected to be used by Huawei. According to the information, Huawei, 2020 in the smartphone models of affordable 5G chips will be included. For this, it will use the chips produced by MediaTek instead of its own Balong 5000.

One of the main reasons why Huawei doesn't use the Balong 5000 chip in affordable smartphones is cost. The Balong 5000 is currently one of the most powerful modem chips, so the cost is quite high.

Although there is no official explanation on this issue, the rumors that emerge show them. More information is expected to emerge in the coming days. Huawei 5G phone models may be announced sooner than expected.

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