Huawei Mate X release date has changed again!

Samsung and Huawei, the world's two largest manufacturers of phones , tried to enter 2019 by marking foldable phones . However, there is still no device due to a screen break .

Galaxy Fold'da changes have been made and the tests completed , although the device is still not available to users. The model introduced in the same month has never been released since. Huawei officials announced that it had made changes to the device to avoid a similar fate with Galaxy Fold.

At a press event in Shenzhen, the future of Huawei Mate X was discussed. Both good and bad news were given about the device. To start with the good news first, Huawei's foldable phone was slightly refined.

The bad news was that the release date was postponed from September to November. It was stated that there are still some challenges to overcome and therefore a soft start will be made in November.

The display hinge is improved and the power button is made thinner. One of the good news was the first information about the new foldable phone that will be introduced early next year.

The announcement of this plan will adversely affect the sales of Mate X, which is not in the market. After all, those who bought Mate X will have an old phone after several months.

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