iPhone 11 will fly with AirDrop feature

Apple’s long-awaited September 10 event was completed at the end. The latest iPhone models were introduced. These were accompanied by the Apple Watch Series 5 and the seventh generation iPad. Of course, the lead was on iPhones. The details of the phones described in the specifications seem to make life easier for the users. The iPhone 11 AirDrop feature is one of these details.

AirDrop helps devices in the Apple ecosystem quickly and losslessly share files, such as photos and videos. With the new chip used in i Phone 11 , this experience is getting better. Apple’s latest phones use U1 Ultra Broadband technology, which controls some location tracking features. Details of this chip, which was announced at the launch, appeared immediately after the launch.

One of the biggest innovations introduced by the technology is the AirDrop file sharing technology. Transferring files via AirDrop becomes easier with an iPhone 11 series device. The U1-equipped devices find each other more easily. With the U1 and 13, the user can direct his iPhone to someone else. So AirDrop gives priority to the device being directed. As a result, the file transfer takes less time.

The U1 also helps to better manage Bluetooth connections. Thus, better and faster connections between iOS devices and iPhones are established.

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