iPhone 11's screen is on the agenda with a serious problem!

Users of Apple’s new iPhone 11 have started to complain about an important situation. Apple’s official website in the community section of the subject users, iPhone 11 came up with the complaint of drawing screen.

Users do not drop the device in any way, stating that the mobile phone in daily use and two days after the screen was drawn, he says. The detail that disturbs the user is that even the FaceTime scratches affect the camera.

Although some of the scratches appear to be fingerprints , they do not come off the screen. When carrying the phone, the owners say they do not touch anything that could damage the screen, such as coins and other sharp objects.

Bir iPhone 11 sahibi, 2007’de piyasaya sürülen ilk iPhone’dan bu yana iPhone kullanıcısı olduğunu vurguluyor. Bugüne kadar hiç ekran koruyucu kullanmadığını ve şu ana kadar hiç bir modelde bu bu tarz çizikler görmediğini dile getiriyor.

The iPhone 11 screen scratching complaint did not come from a single user. Apple’s community forum, many users who talk about the screen of the phone says that the screen was drawn. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max seem to be unaffected.

Apple’ın bu telefonunda kullandığı LCD panelleri, Japan Display tedarik ediyor. Bu yılın başlarında şirkete 100 milyon dolarlık bir yatırım yapan Apple, iPhone 11 Pro ve Pro Max’te kullandığı OLED ekranları ise Samsung ve LG‘den alıyor.

iPhone 11 screen for scratches that occur in the Apple Store , this problem is considered as a user error, he says. Of course, we need detailed tests to acknowledge that this is indeed a chronic problem.

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