iPhone Cooler Case: Razer Arctech Introduced!

Razer, which has been producing high-end accessories for gamers for years, has recently focused on its own player phone . Of course, this means that Razer will not receive power from Apple and Google, which has millions of users.

Shortly after the introduction of the iPhone 11, Razer Arctech announced. Arctech, the first iPhone case ever released by Razer, is not limited to protecting the phone.

Combining a perforated microfiber liner and Thermaphene technology to help heat out, the case is able to keep the phone cooler up to 6 degrees in independent tests compared to other cases.

Razer's Thermaphene technology is a heat-dissipating material. However, this is only one of the three layers of the case. The second layer consists of a soft microfiber material, while the last layer consists of a perforated polycarbonate material that protects the phone and dissipates heat.

There are two versions of the case, Slim and Pro. The latter's Pro makes the phone more resistant to falling from 10 meters.

The Slim version of the Razer Arctech is $ 30 and the Pro version is $ 40 . Both cases are available as of today.

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