Is a new Xiaomi game phone coming?

Xiaomi game phone market has become one of the major players in the series. The forthcoming MIUI 11 update revealed tips for a new gaming phone.

Xiaomi is becoming more and more powerful in the smartphone market. Particularly in the gaming phone market, the Chinese are looking for a new flagship.

Xiaomi users are waiting for the MIUI 11 update . Some developers have received unexpected information in the company’s MIUI 11 codes, which will be released on October 16th .

Apple, in 2017 with 120Hz display technology raised the bar. Apple’s technology among manufacturers Asus, Razer and Sharp followed by no one.

One of the main reasons for this is that the mobile user does not pay much attention to the 120Hz refresh rate.

However, with higher performance gaming phones, a faster refresh rate increases playability even further. The 120Hz display is also an important factor in initial delays and in-game graphics performance.

According to the feature discovered among XDA Forum users, the display settings included in the MIUI 11 update include 60Hz and 120Hz options. For the time being, there is no explanation from the Xiaomi front about a new gaming phone.

However, according to the XDA Forum discussions, developers are certain that Xiaomi has developed a gaming phone with a 120Hz display .

So, what do you think, could Xiaomi really be developing a new gaming phone? We welcome your comments.

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