LG takes action for the iPhone 11 Pro series!

The iPhone 11 series will be introduced on September 10, making it known to everyone. A few days after LG Innotek started to produce camera modules for iPhones, it was announced that LG Display started producing OLED displays .

In this context, LG, Apple needs 10 percent of the screens ( 6 million – 7 million ) is expected to meet. iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max OLED screen will be used, iPhone 11 model will use the LCD screen.

In the second half of last year, LG Display surpassed Apple's standards for OLED displays. This year, Samsung will assume the main burden for the iPhone models' screens, while LG will assume a 10 percent burden, as we have already mentioned.

This may change for the 2020 iPhone. BOE, which has come a long way in terms of screen production recently, may be Apple's third display supplier in addition to Samsung and LG next year.

Switching to 5G technology will increase phone prices, so Apple's 2020 iPhone models said it wants to reduce the cost of OLED panels. In this way, the price increase that 5G technology will bring will be prevented to some extent.

The Chinese BOE offers OLED displays at a much more affordable price than Samsung and LG. The reason why LG is given a low share is that the technology giant has previously struggled with OLED display production. The production line needs to be expanded to have more shares.

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