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Phone Scams Can Even Stay On Line When Call Ends

With the development of technology, fraudsters are adapting to this development. The latest fraud method developed by phone scammers is called ‘line trap’. One of the first examples of this new fraud was in Canada.

According to reports from the CBC, Canadian police warn citizens of a new form of fraud. Phone fraudsters can stay on the line even when the other person ends the conversation with their newly developed methods.

With this method called ‘ line trap ‘, scammers can stay connected to the phones of the people they call. How this technology works is still unresolved and it is not known which lines might fall into this trap.


During the call, the other person claimed that she was a police officer and said that she was a victim of identity theft . Immediately thereafter, she was asked to call the local police and share the necessary details .

But even when she stopped talking, the scammers were still tied up . The woman who thought she was talking to local police officers was still talking to the scammers on the line.

Kingston police said in a press statement; “As a result of this fraud, both the personal and financial information of the victim has been stolen. Behind this new phone scam technology is the usual scammers. We remind our citizens to be careful when sharing personal information in incoming calls or in emails they receive. ”

Kingston police said that the time limit for this new ‘line trap’ technology is limited to a few minutes . In addition, he stressed that citizens do not have to share personal information or pay money in any way over the phone.

While many technology companies are ignoring cyber attacks, Google has developed a new system to help prevent this problem. This new system allows users to detect and block malicious sites. Malicious sites detected and reported by users will be recorded. As a result, cybercrime is expected to decrease .


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