Photos you share may endanger you

As you can see from the title, can the photos we share in the digital environment endanger us? Although there are many comments on the subject, there are also things that need to be considered individually. For example, people who do not know you from the photos you take at home to the places you have visited, seen or taken at the office you work with, can look at these photos and make inferences about you. According to a new incident, these carelessly shared photographs can actually put a person in danger.

Sharing photos on social media is now a necessity for many people, even those who have made a profession. However, in an incident in Japan, the photos shared on social media caused a crime. A man who lives in Tokyo in September will look into the social media accounts of the woman he is famous and adored of.

From the photos he shared on Instagram to the videos he posted on YouTube, the aggressor found out about his life with a train view reflected in his eye from a selfie photo shared by the most famous woman. In this rather frightening story, the man tells us that he found the train station on Google Maps and identified the woman’s home.

It turned out that the man found to be obsessed broke into the woman’s house and attacked her. We don’t know what will happen about the fate of the accused on Tuesday, but we can say that it is a very important case that shows how sharing via social media can become dangerous. Because unprofitable sharing can lead to danger in this way.

Shuichiro Hoshi, a professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University, commented on the risks of social media related to the incident. Hoshi says that smartphone cameras are very advanced, underlining that personal information can unexpectedly get into the hands of malicious people.

Is it dangerous to share photos on social media? Although there is no clear answer to this, Shuichiro Hoshi says that the dangers will be minimized if personal information is protected and every detail is not provided explicitly.

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