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Qualcomm's new fingerprint technology 3D Sonic Max integrates with heart rate

Qualcomm recently introduced the world’s largest and most secure six-screen fingerprint scanner, explaining the innovations underlying this claim.

Last week, technology giant Qualcomm introduced 3D Sonic Max , the world’s largest six-fingerprint technology for smartphones. Qualcomm vice president shared remarkable information about this newly developed ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

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3D Sonic Max fingerprint technology offers a large recognition area , offering a 17-fold increased security compared to previous models. While previous generations can only recognize one fingerprint , 3D Sonic Max is capable of recognizing two fingerprints at the same time, and it does so much faster than other fingerprint recognition technologies.

According to the Vice President of Qualcomm, 3D Sonic Max technology is another very important feature. Because many fingerprint scanners use two-dimensional scanning , the sensor is likely to be deceived . However, according to the information provided by Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Max fingerprint scanner, it also controls the heart rate , making it impossible to boot the device with artificially created fingerprints. In order to see how healthy this feature looks, we will have to wait for the 3D Sonic Max technology to become widespread .

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