Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G Becomes New Leader in DxOMark’s Front and Rear Cameras

The camera performance, which we pay great attention to when buying smartphones, will be a feature we should be comfortable with in the new Samsung smartphone. According to the information released today, the company’s new device, the Galaxy Note10 + 5G, has produced the most successful camera smartphone to date.
The smartphone industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Smart phone manufacturers announcing their brand new technologies with their new smart phones are in a controversial race with each other.

Recently, the new flagship series smartphone Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 + ‘s announced by the race in the race has not yet finished Samsung’s plans appeared. It seems that the company will be on the agenda for a long time.

The Galaxy Note10 + 5G, which appears in DxOMark, where the smartphone’s camera performance is measured and scoring according to these measurements, has the highest score among all smartphones.

With a difference of only 5G modem between Galaxy Note10 + and DxOMark on the photo with 118 points for the Galaxy Note10 + 5G, the photo-ranking 113 points Huawei’s flagship P30 Pro’nun passed. The P30 Pro’s score is the same as that of Samsung’s other flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10 5G.

The secret behind the South Korean smartphone manufacturer’s elevation of 113 points to 118 with the Galaxy S10 5G is that the company has improved its image processing algorithms with the new smartphone.

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