Samsung patented foldable phone

After the Unpacked event last week, a new Samsung patent was released, whose performance was discussed by users. According to the patent, we can see the Samsung foldable phone models again.

Samsung can not find the expected success due to the display problem after the introduction of Samsung, foldable phone designs continues without slowing down.

The details of this patent study by Samsung, discovered by Patently Mobile, were shared. Accordingly, the phone is folded horizontally, not vertically, like the Galaxy Fold. In addition, the phone can be folded in different ways depending on the request. The phone looks like the Galaxy S.

One of the points of interest in the patent schemes is the existence of different folding styles . A user folds the screen at a different rate to listen to music, and folds at a different rate to take selfie.

While there is no information other than the patent scheme, the prototype is expected to be promoted according to its success. It is not yet clear how the South Korean technology giant, who does not want to face a second foldable phone problem, will follow.

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