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The 5 nm process of the TSMC exceeds 7 nm

AMD’s Zen 4 architecture chips will be launched in 2021 with 5 nm. According to reports, things are going well at TSMC.

TSMC has become one of the most closely followed names in the hardware world as AMD produces Ryzen chips. There is good news from the company which has come to the fore with its success in production technology in the recent period.

According to the report, the 5 nm node is already doing better than the 7 nm process with a difference of 50% . However, there is no guarantee that 5 nm will be better than 7 nm in each semiconductor. Nevertheless, the 5 nm node, which will technically increase to 1.8 times the density, promises a 15% performance increase and 30% power savings.

On the other hand, the roadmap announced by AMD has already been confirmed, as AMD takes samples of the 5 nm membranes produced by TSMC for Zen 4 architecture processors. In the production capacity wing, TSMC has already exceeded its limits. For this purpose, the manufacturer aims to respond to the demand by increasing its internal expenditure for both 5 nm and 7 nm silicones.



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