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Thousands of people 'accidentally' appear as Turkcell subscribers (you may be)

Thousands of non-Turkcell subscribers appear to be Turkcell subscribers via e-government. When the citizens reached Turkcell’s customer service in order to understand the situation, they were told that the situation was an “error”.

Today, people who check their mobile subscriptions via e-government came across something they didn’t expect. Many people have noticed that, even though they are not Turkcell subscribers, they appear as Turkcell subscribers in official records.

Upon hearing this, other people checked their subscriptions via e-government . In this way, thousands of people appeared to be Turkcell subscribers. People who contact Turkcell Customer Services to find out the situation said, tanımlama A description has been made for the use of Turkcell TV. However, there will be no invoicing ”.

People who appear to be Turkcell subscribers in this way are not only former Turkcell subscribers; people who have never used Turkcell before appear to be Turkcell subscribers in official records.


Turkcell, in a statement on the subject claimed that the registration of the GSM subscription was created by mistake . The company said in a statement, the Superonline pricing system of the TL 0 balance of e-government records of the balance is reflected in the e-government, he said. Turkcell, this error is due to the free membership of Turkcell’s television watching service TV + said.

Turkcell, the citizens of eh sehven ”Turkcell subscriber as a statement to the newspaper in a statement, said that the free membership of TV + should be separated from paid memberships, so the same group of companies Superonline and Turkcell said they share information. Turkcell has announced that the subscription information is also provided for the free TV + subscription. You can use the e-government link to find out if you are a Turkcell subscriber.



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