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TMSC Paves the Way for 5 nm Processors

TMSC, the world’s leading silicon producer, is working on a system that will reduce the currently used 7nm channels to 5 nm. AMD seems to be the first customer of this system.

Said silicon fabrication production is the market leader, in undisputed TMCS. The situation becomes even more noticeable, especially given the problems Intel has with 10 nm and Samsung’s own 7 nm system is not working well enough.

TMCS now going to 5nm lithography process. According to reports, this new system is already behind the 7 nm structure. Of course, there are other factors to make the system completely successful. Even though the news is positive, it is too early to say that the transition to 5 nm will be more efficient than 7 nm.


According to industry reports, AMD will be one of the first customers for TMSC’s new technology. AMD is said to be ‘almost certain’ to use this technology on the new, 5 nm Zen 4 architecture, which is debating about when this will happen.

5nm nodes are expected to be better in areas such as energy savings and silicon density of future processors. It is even stated that this ratio can reach 80% of silicon density. Of course, it may also be possible to improve performance by keeping energy savings low. The TMSC says processors can increase operating speed by 15% or reduce energy consumption by 30% .


The TMSC has already increased its spending in this quarter in response to the huge demand from the market for both 7 nm and 5 nm. AMD’s recent eye-catching growth With Apple’s new iPhones planned to sell over 100 million , the company has already devoted its full capacity to production and needs to make new investments.

The 5 nm will be a huge advantage for both smartphones and desktop level processors . Chip manufacturers will thus be able to produce smaller-sized parts that use less space. This means that more complex microprocessors emerge with the growing popularity of 5G.



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