We played games with Apple Arcade!

Apple, as every year in September this year also introduced the newest iPhone models to the world. Although the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the stars of the event, other Apple products have attracted a lot of attention. As ShiftDelete.Net, we experienced Apple Arcade game service. What about Apple Arcade games? When will Apple Arcade arrive?

Apple made its first move to change traditional acting by introducing the Arcade product at the March 25 event. In this event, Apple Arcade game experience, as well as information such as release date and fee became clear. You can find all this information at the bottom of the video.

If you wish, without further ado, let us leave you with our video. Have a good time…

Clearer information about Apple Arcade games appeared along with the event. Apple unveiled the games of game giants such as Konami and Capcom , which they collaborated in developing this service.

Apple ecosystem will work in Arcade ‘player can resume the game from any device. Whenever you say Apple Arcade is coming, it gives the same experience as a console game with the controller. The platform will be available on September 19. Apple is Turkey Arcade will be priced at £ 34.99. Let’s say that the platform will start its life with 100 games.

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