Website submission period with Google Chrome

Google Chrome website submission period started with new update. The new Chrome feature is available to users with the Chrome update.

Google launched the Chrome 77 browser update this week for Windows, Mac, and devices. Some visual changes have been made with the new Chrome update . New features have also been added to the browser. The most notable of these was the website submission feature.

With the new Chrome feature, users can easily submit websites to other devices. Just right-click on the link. Afterwards, the menu required to send a connection to other devices using Chrome appears before the user. If Chrome is used on iOS, the app must be open and the submitted tab accepted.

For now, Windows, Android and iOS feature is not active yet for macOS side.

Chrome enabled open or recent tabs to be displayed on multiple devices. However, with this new feature, the transition from computer to laptop phone becomes easier. This is also true of the opposite situation. So, you can quickly send the article you see on your smartphone to another device that you want to read on a big screen.

Another change in Chrome 77 is the animation from the tabs. Loading to the site with a different appearance of the animation appears This allows the site to be understood easily.

To check for an update, you can check out Help> About Google Chrome in your browser.

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