What happens if you buy a smart bracelet from BİM for 59 lira? (Video)

ShiftDelete.Net as we continue to review. In this video we are looking closely at the smart wristband Smartfit features sold at BİM . 59 pounds of attention to the price of the bracelet, despite the appropriate price shows similar features with high-level competitors . The smart wristband, color display and more are among the current BİM products .

Smartfit, which challenges 200-300 pounds smart wristbands of different brands such as Xiaomi , is on sale on August 23 among BİM’s current products. Wristband with color screen and can be controlled via phones. We took a close look at how successful the measurements of this wristband have many different capabilities such as blood pressure measurement. Here’s what happens if you get a smart bracelet from BİM for 59 lira ? The answer to the question.

Compatible with Android and iOS phones, the smart bracelet connects to our phones via Bluetooth. The smart wristband sold at BİM with a capacity of 90 mAh battery can charge within 2 hours . With a 2-hour charging time , the battery can withstand up to 15 days of battery life and offers an active life of 5 to 7 days .

The 0.96-inch wristband can make a difference with its color display. The wristband can be easily controlled by means of the touch point on the screen and this point can be navigated through the menus . Made of plastic material, the bracelet weighs 26 g and is too light to be felt on your arm.

The wristband, which has a nice appearance in our arm , can show us the time, day and date information at any time with its colorful screen. This screen enables us to access the information via the wristband as well as the application we can use on our smart phones .

The smart wristband features of BİM current products are similar to most high-priced wristbands. The wristband, which can measure your heartbeat thanks to the sensor on the back, can present you this information both on the screen and on the mobile application. Another feature added by the rear sensor is the use of blood pressure measurement. The smart wristband offers two different blood pressure to its users instantly.

The most popular part of the smart wristband, which can perform step counting, calorie measurement and distance measurement, will be sleep monitoring. The wristband, which can measure your sleep time and sleep quality, has very informative features in the daily life of the users.

In this video, 59 pounds sold and surprised by the features offered by the wristband how much information we tried to answer this question correctly.

So what do you think about these smart wristband features ?

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